Ulcer and iron?

on 5/6/13 8:50 am - Concord, NC
RNY on 07/24/12
I've been sitting at 167 for several weeks now. I know since I'm so close to goal that my weight loss will naturally slow down. I've accepted that. However, I also know I should be eating way more than I am right now and that would likely help my stall. However, I have this ulcer. I thought it was better, but the past few weeks I have that too familiar burning, painful stomach feeling and now very small bites of food make me uncomfortably full. Like four crackers or the three bites of chicken breast I just ate. I am terribly full feeling now. Last week two bites of chicken breast and a small handful of pretzels twenty min later had me sick. I am usually able to get down two egg whites in the morning, but even that is a stretch. I think I remember reading before that an ulcer can cause you to feel full very quick with the inflammation I there. Anyone else have this happen?

Also, for the past week, I can hardly keep my eyes open no matter how much sleep I'm getting. I can usually function well on four to five hours of sleep, yet even with seven or eight, I keep wanting to just curl up and pass out. This makes me wonder if I'm not anemic. Guess I should I should place a call into my dr for some
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on 5/6/13 10:53 am
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Lots of things can be making you tired, from a lack of enough food to deficiencies to hormones.  When was your last set of labs done? What did they look like? Why do you think you may be anemic?

If you can't take oral iron because of your ulcer, your insurance may cover IV infusions. But there's medication you can take for your ulcer, too.

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RNY on 07/24/12

I'm taking medication for my ulcer. I've had problems with anemia on and off for years. 

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RNY on 07/17/12

Absolutely go and see your doctor.  Ulcers are nasty and painful.  I had one years ago and was miserable until it healed.  Tell your doctor your concerns about your eating and fatigue and hopefully you will get the help you need.



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