Update on the UTI

on 7/18/13 11:09 am - Panama City , FL
RNY on 04/18/13

Update on the this UTI .....  I got to hurting so bad this evening that laying down or sitting wasn't helping.... I thought I was going to have to go to the ER but all of a sudden it quit hurting and I can pee now but hurts towards the end and burns and now I am passing small clots of blood every time I go now.  So I am thinking I had a blockage.   I just hope I passed it and its not just traveling... I had one about 11 years ago, 6 weeks after having my son and I was in pain and just like someone turned a light off it was gone.   We weren't able to catch it though, so not sure what it was made of.   Guess I really need to start drinking a whole lot more than what I am ...   Should I call the doctor in the morning and let them know about the clots ?  Guess I can wait and see how I feel in the morning.


Thanks everyone for you comments ..



on 7/18/13 11:13 am - OH

You should probably go to the ER or at least call your doctor now.

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Please note: I AM NOT A DOCTOR.  If you want medical advice, talk to your doctor.  Whatever I post, there is probably some surgeon or other health care provider somewhere that disagrees with me.  If you want to know what your surgeon thinks, then ask him or her.    Check out my blog.


on 7/18/13 12:57 pm - Central, IL
RNY on 12/03/12

Glad you are feeling better., Must have had a stone, and like you said, probably passed it. Please contact your dr in the morning and continue to take the medications that they put you on. I am an ER nurse, we deal with this a lot. And of course, if you have any problem at all, please go to the ER.


on 7/19/13 3:52 am - Panama City , FL
RNY on 04/18/13

I called the doctor, continue with meds... More than likely it was a stone..  Feel so much better today even though I feel like a dump truck ran me over.  


Thanks again Everyone



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