A Lighter Me Mexico

on 7/30/13 8:00 am - Calgary, Canada
RNY on 02/26/14

So I have decided to go to Mexico for my gastric bypass. After looking at a bunch of different options I found Alighterme.com it seems great, So my question is has anyone here had it done by a lighter me in Mexico specifically Tijuana and if do how was it? Which surgeon did you pick? Any complications? Any complaints?



on 7/30/13 11:21 am - St. John's, Canada
RNY on 08/17/13

I'm having my RNY in Tijuana with Dr. Valenzuela on Aug 17th, but I went through mexicobariatriccenter.com ... From what I understand there are a few websites that do bookings for the same group of doctors... I'm really happy with my decision, Mexico Bariatric was the cheapest of the websites, Christy has been amazing to work with and responds super quickly to all my emails and I've seen nothing but good reviews. :)


Sherrie P.
on 7/30/13 12:16 pm
RNY on 02/06/13

I had my lapband through Ready4achange and had no problems with the surgery or Mexico.  The BAND is crap.

I was revised here in the US via insurance.  I just wanted to let you know I did fine.  I was in Monterrey, but if my insurance had denied the revision I was going to Tijuana.  

Best of luck!!!

Revision Lapband to RNY 2-6-2013   HW: 286  Pre-Op Diet: 277  Surgery Day: 265  Goal: 155  CW: 155

Plastic surgery 8/28/2014: Brachioplasty, mastopexy, & abdominoplasty.

Plastic surgery 1/27/2015: Butt Lift


on 7/30/13 1:45 pm - WA
RNY on 08/13/13
I am having revision surgery thru obesity control clinic. Dr Juan Lopez Corvala, on Aug 13.

Lapband surgery in 2009 -  Revision to RNY August 13, 2013 with gallbladder removal.

HW - (260)   SW - (197)   GW - (135), updated on 1-2-14 to 125lbs  HT 5'5"  Goal reached 3/2/14-revised goal to 120 on 3/9/14   reached 4/6/14             


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