alittle scard about surgery

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RNY on 01/13/14

Ok my date is Jan 13 and I have been thinking about what if I need open surgery. I might need it because I have alot of scar tissue from my past lapband procedures. did any of you have open surgery because of past surgeries? what was recovery like? d

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Maybe it was a good thing you had the A1C test to be so focused on until now...because you've replaced one worry with another, lol.

Once in church the lesson was 'So what' and it really changed my life. So I will ask you. So what?

So what if you DO have to have open surgery. Is a slightly longer recovery time not worth all the benefits of the REST OF YOUR LIFE?  So what if you have to take meds a little longer or move slowly a little longer or have a bigger incision?  Ask yourself so what when you have a worry come up. Most of the time I find that it was not worth the energy of worry. 

And better that your doctor does the RIGHT version of the surgery than do something that is less than ideal for you.

Don't spend so much time in worry. There is NOTHING on this planet you cannot buy with enough money except time. No one can truly buy time, so don't squander it with worry.



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I agree with the above post.

It is not a big deal.  My wife asked her surgeon about that and he says he has NEVER had to do an open one.  And they have done over 1,000 procedures.  She had scar tissue from C-sections, no issue.  They have done plenty of lapband revisions, and never had to do an open one.

And he said open is easier than laparoscopic, so they are good at it.  I know your question was about recovery, but as stated, that is better than not having surgery.

Worry is natural, but do not let it consume you.



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I've had to laparoscopic surgeries in the past and all I plan to do is say a prayer and ask the Lord to guide my Surgeons hand and gitter done!

  Jeremiah 29:11 " For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end".