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Has anybody had bypass surgery with Dr. Raul Rosenthal with the Cleveland Clinic Westin Florida?  How happy were you with Dr. Rosenthal and how happy were you with the hospital?  I have to go for revision surgery because of severe acid reflux.  My understanding is that acid reflux goes away after bypass surgery.  Anybody had the surgery to cure acid reflux?  Thanks, 

on 12/17/13 8:01 am
RNY on 05/13/13

I will tell you it took away the severe GERD my husband suffered with for years, but that was not a 'guarantee' but rather a 'very likely'. We were thankful that it was in fact, an end to that awful reality he lived with for almost 2 decades.


HW333--SW 289--GW of 160 5' 11" woman.  I only know the way I know & when you ask for input/advice, you'll get the way I've been successful through my surgeon & nutritionist. Please consult your surgeon & nutritionist for how to do it their way.  Biggest regret? Not doing this 10 years ago! Every day is better than the day before...and it was a pretty great day!




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Thank you for your reply.  I am doing this for the acid reflux not the weight loss, so am very apprehensive.  The surgeon said that it has been proven even for the very long term.  Your reply has made me hopeful.  Thank you 

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on 12/17/13 8:40 am - WI

I had severe acid reflux and I had a bypass. I have not had to take medicines for it since my surgery. So, I know it is not a guarantee, however it is very likely. Good luck, with everything.

on 12/17/13 9:25 am

I had the surgery primarily to get rid of my GERD....it worked, I was in great shape in just a few days and was able to get off the meds I took forever by the time I was 6 months post op.   I could have gotten off them earlier, but my doctor wanted me to baby my stomach for the first 6 months.  Sorry I can't comment on Dr. Rosenthal, I hope you find good information.

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RNY on 07/10/13

Looks like we were sleeved in the same year. Had RNY in July this year. Didn't have reflux pre-VSG (well not that I knew about) but did afterwards.

Took Nexium for somewhere between 14-18 months post both my VSG procedures (2nd one was re-modelling). Still needing Nexium now post RNY. Recently tried to reduce from 40mg to 20mg and missed a dose yesterday and ended up feeling like crap this morning. Think I will eventually get off it but just wanted to give you my experience.