Day 3 post op

on 12/21/13 8:33 am - Dawsonville, GA
RNY on 12/19/13

Today has went pretty well. I am trying to get the water in but I am only eating about 5 to 6 baby spoons of yogurt. 

Stacy Sikes
on 12/21/13 9:05 am - OR
it will get easier, just remember to sip sip sip liquids.


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on 12/21/13 9:21 am
RNY on 12/18/13

I am also on day 3. I have been having puréed foods like chicken and cottage cheese. I'm doing pretty good but man do I want to eat some christmas treats. I'm not hungry, I just want it!! I need my brain to just stop thinking about the food. 

on 12/21/13 10:19 am - MN
RNY on 11/26/12

My brain subsided with food obsessions when it got replaced with clothes buying and doing new things!  I just came from my aunt's house; her 21-year-old granddaughter was partaking in a goodly amount of Grandma-made Christmas treats.  I was secretly thinking how special it would be for the two of them to build memories by going for a walk together, going to an exercise gym together, anything but Grandma staying in the kitchen showing her love through food.  I was raised no differently but plan to if I'm lucky enough to be a grandma some day.

on 12/21/13 1:13 pm - GA
I am having a little issue getting my water in also. Im just two days out. I have been able to get broth down and water but stuff like jello is just to sweet. I cant wait to try yogurt tommorrow but a little scared because of the chance of being milk intolrant. Hopefully that will go ok though. You will get better every day. Just kerp trying
on 12/21/13 11:51 pm
RNY on 12/13/13

Have you tried Diet Cranberry juice? I use that. :) Its what they were giving me in the hospital, so it seems safe. 

(deactivated member)
on 12/22/13 12:29 am

Warm or hot tea or sugar free hot chocolate if you are one who has a sweet tooth. I had my surgery in October and warm liquids are the best thing for me right now.Hydration is the most important thing right now to.Protein shakes may help also.

on 12/22/13 1:06 am
RNY on 05/14/13
I remember asking the same question post op you will hear this a thousand times however, sip, sip, sip, walk, walk, and walk. It really does get soooooooo much better we are all here for you
on 12/22/13 6:55 am


I am 2 1/2 months out.  I found the first little

while, I would get all my water in one day and all my protein the next.  Best wishes!

on 12/22/13 9:33 am - Bay Area/Silicon Valley, CA
Revision on 12/18/13
My doctor lets me drink apple/cran/grape/pom juices as long as I water it down significantly. I use 1/4 juice to 3/4 water although after tomorrow I'm lowering it to 1/8 and 7/8... so I just get a taste of flavor. Also, I have a water app that goes off every 15 minutes and when it does I sip 2 oz... by the end of the hour I've had a cup - works great! There are LOTS of free apps in the Apple/Droid store.



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