I can't get this darn ticker thing to work on my signature!

on 4/14/14 12:54 am

I have searched how to put the ticker on our signatures.  I've basically read every thread here re: tickers and I still can't get it to show up.  It's aggravating me to no end! lol  So I will just say I started at 205 (as a lightweight revision) and I'm down to 190 today yayyy!







on 4/14/14 12:55 am

haha well now it's working NEVERMIND!  sorry ya'll, now I just have to update it!







on 4/14/14 6:25 am - miami, FL
RNY on 04/08/14

how you made  it work ? i cant see where to get mine to work lol 


on 4/14/14 7:14 am

In my case it was a matter of allowing it to update.  I kept checking the message board and didn't see my ticker so I'd go back into settings and try to fix it.  Next day it was up and running (after leaving it alone)







on 4/14/14 6:32 am, edited 4/14/14 6:35 am - miami, FL
RNY on 04/08/14

what the  now i have to tiker argggggg


edited: ok i guess i will never get it to work ahhhhh lol 


on 4/14/14 6:45 am

i have given up on mine working. for whatever reason..it is waay down there..

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Three pounds below Goal!!! Yay !  

on 4/14/14 6:51 am - miami, FL
RNY on 04/08/14

lol i can see that lol