After the surgery just whining

on 8/8/14 3:00 pm
Revision on 07/29/14

I am 10 days out from my revision from vsg to Rny.  I thought since doing this before that it wouldn't be that hard.   I was WRONG!  I can't get my liquids in. Protein shakes taste like ****  I liked them last time but omg they are nasty.   In the purée step right now .    Not really hungry just bored. Can I blend in bananas with the protein shake.  Grrrr. Really nothing tastes good.  




Jenn S.
on 8/8/14 3:10 pm - Boise, ID
RNY on 06/16/14

When I was in the phase my nutritionist allowed me to blend in a small piece of banana, or a little pumpkin puree with my shake.  Things do get boring during this time but it does get better, I promise.  It won't be so bad before long. Hang in there,  you've got this.


on 8/8/14 11:43 pm - MN
RNY on 11/26/12

Question:  who is more brave than getting VSG?    Answer:  someone who gets RNY after VSG!   Man, you deserve to whine.  Letting you know, fruits were too high in sugar content for me early on.  Frankly, I wished that "nothing sounds good" feeling hung around longer than it did.  Oops, now I'm whining!