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My first question is what, how many grams of protein would you estimate is in a thin slice of chicken breast with a slice of cheddar cheese melted on it?

my other question is I see people saying to "sprinkle protein powder on all your food". Are we talking about just the regular protein powder that we make our shakes out of? Syntax? 

I need ideas on how to up my protein intake.



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The answer to your first question depends on how big the slice of chicken breast is.  Chicken has about seven grams of protein per ounce.  A piece of chicken the size of a deck of playing cards is about three ounces, so that would have about 21 grams of protein.

Read the label on the package of cheese to see how much protein is in a slice.

As far as your second question, I haven't seen many people say to sprinkle protein powder on your food.  I've seen people suggest mixing protein powder into foods.  But I think there is a difference between stirring a spoonful of protein powder into, say, some yogurt and sprinkling a spoonful of protein powder on top of a slice of chicken.  If you stir it into your yogurt, it should mix in well and be pretty unnoticeable, as long as you don't add too much.  If you sprinkle it on top of chicken, though, it would be like something grainy, like sand, on top of your chicken.

Depending on what you're putting protein powder in, you probably want an unflavored protein powder.  I think Syntrax makes one.  So does Unjury and many other brands.  You could put vanilla protein powder in yogurt or pudding or something, but I don't think you'd want vanilla protein powder in something like chili or soup.

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Got it. Thanks for always being so helpful Kelly.

i purchased some thinly sliced roasted chicken breast from the deli and make three meat and cheese roll ups. I am just trying to figure out how many of those "I really" need to eat. I have a primer protein shake every morning which has 30 grams of protein in it. The rest of my protein has to come from food ( which I have a goal to start eating more of). 

I guess I will start drinking two protein drinks per day and one meal (hopefully with at least 20 or more grams of protein).

what you say about mixing the protein powder in yogurt makes complete sense.


thanks again!

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many packages will specify how many slices of chicken is considered a serving of their product. That is a place to start...




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I bought Genepro unflavored whey Protein powder after it was mentioned on these forums. I did read you can sprinkle it on food. I haven't tried sprinkling it. The nice thing about Genepro is you only need one tablespoon. 1 TBSP = 30g protein. Sometimes I just add a teaspoon to things. The smaller quantity is fairly tasteless and it doesn't change the consistency of things because it is such a small amount. I bought it off Amazon. I know my surgeon once you are on the final stage doesn't want you having more than one shake a day. You might want to ask.

If my shake has 30g eating 14-15g two more times will get you to the minimum of 60. When I make turkey cheese roll ups the turkey slice is 8 and the cheese is 5. I would have a tough time eating 3 of them. I did find Applegate Farms Turkey bacon has 6g per slice. (Buy at target and BJ's) So 2 slices and an egg is 19g. I can handle that. I am 7 weeks out and still feeling like it's hard to eat certain things. Suggested to me where the cold cuts and dark meat chicken as they are more easily tolerated. I find seafood easier too, just have to make a point to make it. But not canned tuna, that got stuck. ugh. Also suggested to make meat in crockpot... again easier to digest.

There are 'what are you eating today?' posts I find helpful to read to see what other people are eating. Good Luck!

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Thanks so much for the reply and feedback. I find that I can generally eat two of the meat chesse roll ups but I have to force it. 

My suergon did not say anything about only having one protein shake per day, but I will check in to be sure.


thanks again!

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RNY on 01/07/14

Invest in a food scale. I'm eight months out and use mine every day.  A slice of deli chicken could easily be less than a half ounce or over an ounce, depending on the brand and moisture content. I guessed for years which contributed to getting me to my pre op weight of 289.  Now, I weigh everything, including an occasional serving of popcorn.  Weighing is the most accurate measure of solids.

Check  They have a good selection at a variety of prices.     

Good luck!

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My Nut made it crystal clear that I am NOT supposed to weigh food to determine portions, as this could result in eating more than a half portions are supposed to remain at no more than a half of a cup for life.

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I think she was suggesting a food scale to help determine calories, not portions.  An ounce of meat (by weight) has seven grams of protein.  If you don't weigh it, you don't know exactly how much it weighs, so you don't know exactly how many grams of protein it has.

Measuring meat by volume won't tell you how much it weighs so it won't tell you how many grams of protein it has.

And your nutritionist wants you to stick to only half cup portions for life?  Really?  That seems unrealistic to me.  Most post ops eat a cup or a little more after a year or so out.

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A food scale would be very beneficial for you.  I use mine all the time to accurately measure how many ounces of protein I eat.  They are relatively inexpensive.  This is what mine looks like.  I think it was about $5.00.


The top bucket looking portion comes off and I put a plastic bowl on top, adjust the weight and measure my food.  I keep meaning to buy a more accurate digital scale, but I had this one before surgery and continue to use it.

If you track what you're eating using My Fitness Pal, it has an option to scan the bar codes of anything you're eating.  It will help you to figure how how much protein is in your diet.

When I was newly preop, I would add Isopure Zero Carb protein powder to my Dannon Fit & Light Greek yogurt to increase my protein intake every day.  Now I seem to get enough protein without any additional protein powder.  

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