on 10/18/14 6:41 am - MD
RNY on 07/30/13

So on September 24th I had a major house fire. I wrote earlier about the challenges of staying in a hotel and still eating right. Well I made it through that part and am staying in a nice apartment. It will be at least nine months before the house is put back together. Lots of friends, coworkers a nd my church have helped in the meantime, even had a friend start a fund raiser on cofounder or something like t hat. It has been such a blessing even with good insurance that takes time and leaving in only pjs and socks left a big g a p in wardrobe! Now I am in my temporary rental apartment I can cook real food and keep track of what I am eating. Two of my first purchases was a food a1c a leading a nd set of measuring cups. Thanks to my OH responders for their good wishes.


on 10/18/14 8:46 am - Kalamazoo, MI
RNY on 10/06/14

I'm glad you have so  much support, it really makes a difference.  Your house will be ready before you know it.  I had a fire and there are so many things you have to do for insurance that keeps you busy like picking out flooring, paint etc. as well as day to day living.

Best of luck to you


MyLady Heidi
on 10/18/14 3:09 pm

I am so sorry for all you have been through, my thoughts are with you that everything works out very soon.  Good Luck.