If the stomach can't get scoped, how will they know if there is a tumor or something

on 1/23/15 1:01 am
RNY on 05/12/15

Some of the people in my clas are still up in the air about what surgery to get. This was one of the questions and I was hoping that maybe some of you had an answer. I thought PET/CAT scan but wanted to know if ya'll had an actual answer.

Q: "If the stomach can't get scoped, how will they know if there is a tumor or something"

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on 1/23/15 1:07 am

I assume you are talking about the bigger part of the stomach that is left after bypass. If so, my surgeon told me that getting cancer there is rare after surgery but if you happen to get it then it will be a little tough to find but they can find it. I'm not sure what tests they use to find it but that's all I know about it. Sorry I couldn't give you an actual answer.

on 1/23/15 1:48 am
RNY on 07/23/14

That is why they scope you before surgery and I know my surgeon biopsied as well to make sure everything looked good before surgery. You would have to ask the Doctor specifically ...but there are many places in the body you can get cancer that they can't scope. I am sure they scan and do a biopsy if needed.

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on 1/23/15 2:30 am - OH

Tumors can be found with MRIs or ultrasounds.  They find tumors in lots of places in the body that they cannot scoop.

If they really need to get into the old stomach that can't be scoped for some reason, they would have to do surgery to look inside - much like they would do if they needed to look inside other parts of  your body that can't be scoped.

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on 1/23/15 7:01 am

I agree with Poet Kelly on the use of ultrasound and MRI on body parts they cannot scope. They cannot scope boobs. And I have had to have mammograms, ultrasounds, AND MRIs on the ladies. So I know they definitely use those tools when they can. There is also, if necessary the option they can use actual surgical procedure. But they would save that for the last to use. So don't assume they would just throw a person back in the OR. No, they would use less evasive tests whenever they can. There are tests possible, but they DO like to inform patients that the scoping of the blind stomach. This is so you will know, and you will be able to inform any doctor in the future that scoping more than the pouch would not be possible.


on 1/23/15 7:21 am
RNY on 05/12/15

Thank you all for your replies!!!! They ate very helpful! 

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