Food issues

on 4/13/15 7:21 am

I can't believe it's been almost a year since my surgery (4/28/14) I've been sitting at 172 for about 3 weeks now, my goal is 155. I'm in a size 10 pants and medium tops. I LOVE that part of my surgery but I am still struggling to eat certain things. Bread - I really can't eat bread it just doesn't go down well - will that ever change? Part of me REALLY wants a sandwich or a hamburger! I can't do steak which I really miss and most meat must be very tender and practically falling apart in order for me to eat it at all. Any suggestions from some other vets would be great!

on 4/13/15 8:12 am - Rochester, NY
RNY on 01/21/13

I don't want to be a downer but I'm inclined to say that by this point if you still have food issues they're unlikely to improve.  Maybe someone else has some personal experience with resolving food issues so far out.

on 4/13/15 11:00 am
RNY on 11/21/14

Have you tried beef tenderloin? I can't eat any other steak, but have no problems with that cut.

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on 4/14/15 2:32 am

I had a lot of problems with nausea whenever I ate. So i started eating homemade chicken vegetable soup.  It is amazing how this works.  The chicken is very soft and I use easy vegetables such as carrots, broccoli and green beans. By the time it cooks down, all of the vegetables are very tender.  I still don't each much in the way of bread although I eat steel cut oatmeal every morning.  Good luck and keep the faith.  


on 4/14/15 2:58 am

I don't want to be a downer either but first congrats. I hate numbers, I love sizes. A 10!!!!!awesome. Now, I am 12 years now post and bread just fills me up and then I can't eat anything else and I still need protein. I can eat tender steak and hamburger now. I don't use a bun but love a slice of onion on it. It never gets easy, but it does become routine over the years .

on 4/14/15 3:31 am
on 4/15/15 12:18 am

Thank you everyone - yes I have tried beef tenderloin and I can get a tiny amount down. I LIVE on soup usually with shredded chicken or hamburger in it for protein. Since my husband works out of state 3 weeks a month I make a huge batch of soup while he's gone and live on that plus my protein shakes to supplement. You know what else is weird? I can't really eat eggs! I'm not complaining believe me I would rather be healthy and smaller than eat a hamburger or a sandwich!!