Question for Those With Suspect/Actual Strictures or Ulcers

on 1/26/16 9:35 am
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I am one month post-op (RNY gastric bypass) and have started having symptoms that could suggest a stricture and/or a marginal ulcer. Everything I've read seems to say that endoscopy (tube w/tiny camera down your throat) is the "gold standard" for determining if you have either of these conditions.

However, my doctor is wanting me to go through an upper GI (studies have shown that these fail to find ulcers in their early stages fairly frequently).  I am reluctant to go through a third upper GI in a month simply because that is a lot of radiation in a short period of time.

So, my question for those of you who have ever had a suspected a stricture and/or an ulcer, did you go thru an Upper GI test first, or did you go straight to an endoscopy?


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I ended up with ulcers 1 month post op. I was so sick and dehydrated. I was admitted on Friday , Saturday they did an endoscopy. I did not have an upper GI before.

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I had a stricture that was diagnosed at 5 weeks post-op.  I had an endoscopy with dilation.  I did not have to go thru an upper GI test first.

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I saw my primary described the pain. At first he ordered an ultrasound then ct scan both of which naturally didn't show anything. Bariatric surgeon said endoscopy which I had and showed the ulcer. Treated now with generic prilosec and had repeat endoscopy today. Doc says it's healed but keep on taking med and see him in two months. Still feeling pain tenderness in area. Don't know if that is normal and plan to check with gastro soon if it doesn't get better. Thinking it could just be nerves finishing the process but can't find anything on internet on topic. 


on 1/27/16 2:14 pm
RNY on 06/03/15

I had two strictures - upper endoscopy both times (with balloon dilation).  I've never had an upper GI series.  I don't know why he wants to do that given if they find one while doing an endoscopy, they can "fix" it right on the spot.

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