Air fryer

on 4/23/16 9:05 am

I live in a cabin near the Mississippi River in the summer and have a grill and stove top but no oven. I had never heard of an air fryer until a post here yesturday, I really miss an oven, would this be something worthwhile ? 

White Dove
on 4/23/16 10:23 am - Warren, OH

No what you want is a toaster oven.  You can use it to bake small items.  The air fryer takes the place of a deep fryer.

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on 4/23/16 1:21 pm
WLS on 12/21/15

There is an accessory kit that you can buy to go with your air fryer that would turn it into an oven also.

on 4/23/16 5:13 pm

Thank you. I understand. I really don't eat anything that would normally be deep fried. Glad I asked, thanks 

Mary Gee
on 4/23/16 6:49 pm - AZ
VSG on 05/14/14

Wolfgang Puck sells a Pressure Oven that you can use on the countertop.  It's  bigger than a toaster oven,  but you can cook a lot more in it.  You can check it out on Amazon.  It's also sold on QVC or HSN  during his special shows.



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on 4/23/16 7:25 pm
RNY on 07/23/14

An Air fryer is really just a mini convection oven. People cook a lot more than just fried type foods in them.

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