What did you get for Christmas?

on 12/27/17 6:10 pm
RNY on 09/06/17

What Did you get for Christmas?

I received from my husband slippers, sneakers, I fitness activity tracking watch. The kids gave me a Boye Long Loom Set and 3 one pound skeins of yarn. I plan on in the next couple weeks or so to get myself a gym membership and a new water bottle. I have seen a 40 oz. bottle I like. I was thinking about Planet Fitness, because my younger daughter could go with me as a guest with the black card. I noticed her weight has been going up and I don't want her to follow in my foot steps. Hope every ones Christmas was beautiful.

on 1/3/18 12:31 pm - Canada

I got a lot of wonderful gifts. My fav was the hydrate spark water bottle that actually blinks light if i need to drink more! its great because I always forget to drink and it keeps me on my toes :)

Have a wonderful 2018 with many blessings!

on 1/5/18 7:46 am
RNY on 09/06/17

I saw those they look interesting. Sounds great. Have a wonderful 2018.