Sudden restriction after 15 years

H. Eyez
on 1/7/19 8:06 pm - Somewhere In, MI

Hi, I had RNY 15 years ago and never made it to goal. Weight loss has been a battle since. For the past 2 weeks, I have A LOT of restriction...that I haven?t seen since I was 6 months out. I can eat 1 cup basic salad and 2 oz fish and feel super stuffed. I recently started taking Metformin but nothing else has changed. Any idea of where this would suddenly come from? I am glad to have the restriction but I am worried something may be wrong. Thanks for any input!

on 1/8/19 7:05 pm

You are much further out than I am, and I don't know why you'd suddenly be feeling more restriction. If it was me and I had no discomfort or pain associated with the shift in my capacity/appetite, I think I'd regard it as a gift! You should definitely contact your doc, though, if it worries you, or if it causes you pain.

on 1/15/19 3:02 pm

Have you changed your diet to bulkier items? Maybe a return to protein and plants? If there's no discomfort you're probably just having a well deserved bout of good fortune. Congratulations

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