Thurs Menu n Excercise

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on 8/9/19 2:01 am, edited 8/9/19 2:27 am

Finally get to relax !

Started another job today ... a little different. Im creating a terrace garden and organizing and decorating an apartment . They?ve lived there since the mid - eighties and love books magazines and newspapers so you can imagine the accumulation. The male half was standing over me half the whole time half hysterical that some ? important paper ? he hasn?t seen ( or needed obviously ) because it?s been BURIED for years might get thrown away . OY ! Filled and Dragged 20 ! Giant garbage bags to the basement and looks like I have two more days of disposal to go grrr....

Organized plumbing improvements ... window changing , timing , and masonry pointing on outside of building and removal of wet plaster inside and repair and painting of wall ( and painting of whole apartment )Had to deal w building manager( s) ,Super, Super?s assistant , the porter, the landlords representatives secretaries (2!) the landlords representative herself then finally the landlord via email .... oh and let?s not forget the painter lol!

breakfast -one slice flaxseed toast, wild caught gravlax ( Norwegian thin sliced smoked salmon encrusted w dill ) w homemade whipped fat free cream cheese mixed w fresh dill n chives n butter buds . Yum !

Chai tea skinny latte w Stevia

orange juice 2 glasses during day

snack - most of an everything bagel plain

l- Moroccan Lentil Soup from a local restaurant

d - chocolate almond croissant from local bakery

iced coffee

Red wine and cherry/pomegranate juice spritzers when I finally got home after 10:30 at night ( started 6:30 AM lol) needed em ! Exhausting day .Thank God today and tomorrow are shopping days

Need to send out headshots n resumes to leads I got on the set ... but I have a feeling this is gonna b a three week long job and don't want to have to turn down conflicts ... but I suppose taking off one or two days wouldn't hurt ...

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