Tues Menu n Exercise

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on 8/13/19 1:15 am, edited 8/14/19 3:46 am

Working in the City again so commercial offerings .

Probably some kind of sandwich like Pret. Packing grapes and diet iced tea as snacks .

Walking jewelry show so easily walking 6-8 miles between 10 am n six pm when show closes.

Early breakfast : chai tea latte

chicken salad on toasted muffin w fat free cheese

sna ck - ready buffet grilled shrimp ( like a cup and a half ) 2 avocado halves and guacamole pomegranate cherry juice spritzer and green juice ( kale and so forth ) from Starbux

candy n nuts ( everyone offers em during the show )

more Pom juice ( I'm addicted to the stuff lol)

low sugar orange juice ( trop 50 ) one glass

can of chili beans w three slices fat free cheese n Chinese chives

red wine spritzers 2

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