Revising RNY to distal. Success stories?

on 8/14/19 12:11 pm - Sidney, OH

i weighed 418 at my highest and has RNY in 2011.

at my lowest I weighed 270.

i had two babies, 2013, 2014. Then I had twins in 2017.

My current weight is 320. I'm 5'10.

im strongly considering revision.

Can you share pics and success stories? Also, how long was your recovery?

on 8/14/19 1:42 pm
RNY on 08/21/12

Have you had a thorough check by a surgeon to see what condition your RNY is in? That would be a first step. Have some scans, and see how things are. Don't get ahead of yourself.

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on 8/15/19 6:29 am - Sidney, OH

I know my pouch is still intact and tiny

White Dove
on 8/14/19 4:33 pm

I remember Vitalady describing distal as most miserable weight loss surgery.

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on 8/14/19 7:51 pm, edited 8/14/19 12:58 pm

My ex husband had a distal RNY ... given 2 him because he had a lot of weight to lose . For him ( he got it before me so at least 10-11 years ago) it worked well at least 4 a while .

Though he really didn?t modify his eating he got rid of fat through the ( bathroom ) ... this didn?t change ever ... however the last time I saw him he d gained like 50 lbs for sure

Perhaps partially from the economic n emotional stress of divorcing me :(

I recommend prioritizing eating veggies n exercising neither of which he indulges in . Ever .

based on his experience the distal RNY is very akin to a DS ... with less vitamin malabsorption . Ex hubs is very healthy n thriving despite a deplorable diet n absolute lack of excercise ...

on 8/15/19 4:24 am

What is the cause of your weight gain? How are your eating choices? It is just as easy to eat around a distal, as it is the other surgeries. Too many simple carbs and sugar results in weight gain. I know, as I have a distal and have been fighting regain for awhile. My downfall is sugary, creamy coffee drinks. Plus, with a distal, you face additional vitamin deficiencies and more likely bathroom difficulties.

So, if your weight gain is related to food choices, I would suggest you deal with those, rather than face another surgery in which you can have more complications, but won't ultimately help with weight loss if you eat the wrong foods.

Good luck.

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on 8/15/19 6:34 am - Sidney, OH

My diet isn't terrible, overall. I had four kids back to back in 3 years including twins. All full term. I have a lot of visceral fat, but I contribute all that to babies.

Always protein first then veggies, then fruitr, then carbs. I DO drink while I eat, so I'm sure that's a huge part of it.

Many many many many times I have been told that I don't look as heavy as I am.

I've tried a bunch of "diets" and different programs like plexus (or whatever). Nothing is helping. I know my thyroid levels are very high (13), so that's a contributing factor.

Sparklekitty, Science-Loving Derby Hag
on 8/15/19 7:51 am
RNY on 08/05/19

"Protein first, then veggies" is a good strategy, but the bottom line is ultimately how many calories you take in. To lose weight, many people here have to restrict to between 800 - 1000 calories to lose weight. You should be eating almost entirely protein to lose weight; maybe you can get in a bite or two of veggie or carb, but you'll want to shoot for mostly protein, ideally 60 - 80g or more per day.

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