Sunday Menu n Workout

(deactivated member)
on 9/15/19 6:42 pm

B- Greek chicken breast kebabs on indoor grill

Tzaziki fresh homegrown heirloom tomato slices

L - brown rice n fat free cheese stuffed baked oriental eggplants Turkish style w fat free sour cream


pistachio low-fat yogurt pop

toasted English muffin w low-fat peanut butter

d- a few skinny vodka martinis that made me thoroughly sick - despite having only 8 grams carbs each

trying to solve HUGE flea issue with Persian kitties - they're very chemically sensitive and the kittens are still small - and these are like super fleas . Tomorrow morning it's flea bath time - then into the carrier out on the porch and I bomb the house ( six bombs ! Run out and drive to the City for a few days ( where I had to bomb a few weeks ago ) . Seems like a few fleas always survive n hide n reinfect the kitties despite Frontline . GRRR This is driving me NUTS !!!!

on 9/17/19 5:26 pm

You need to bomb twice. Week interval- hate fleas. Always had goodluck with frontline plus