I survived I think

on 11/29/19 6:43 pm
RNY on 11/27/19

I had my rny on Wednesday the 27th and I feel like a herd of rhinos had battering practice on my innards. OMG the pain is real. Luckily I am one that has not had problems getting fluids in. The one thing that kills me is when I have to burp. It just gets trapped and it won't come up and it really hurts. Did anyone have this problem? My incisions don't hurt but the muscles of course are very sore. I definitely will never tell anyone that there wasn't much pain because woah nelly, I'm in pain. Anyway, just wanted to update everyone and say move on over because I'm on the bench now woohoo! Thanks so much to everyone that inspired me and answered questions and kept me motivated on this journey. I appreciate everyone more than I can say. Much love and big hugs to all.

on 11/30/19 1:54 am
RNY on 08/21/12

It gets better, soon. Just take care of yourself. Getting fluids in is great. Drinking, and walking every hour during the day is the best thing you can do right now.

6'3" tall, male. Maintaining a loss of 280 pounds.

Highest weight was 475. Consult weight 04/12 was 411. RNY on 08/21/12 at 359 lbs. Current weight 195.

M1 -24; M2 -21; M3 -19; M4 -21; M5 -13; M6 -21; M7 -10; M8 -16; M9 -10; M10 -8; M11 -6; M12 -5.

White Dove
on 11/30/19 7:01 am

Talk to your doctor about the pain. I remember having some muscle pain and getting a prescription. The first dose did the trick for me. I can't remember having to burp, but a lot of years have gone by. The next months will be quite an adventure as weight falls off, energy increases, and clothes get too baggy.

Get your fluids and walking in and watch the magic happen.

A great idea that I wish I had done is to take a full length picture now and then every month as you work towards your goal. My sister in law did that and it is fun to see the rapid changes every month. Also keep good track of your lab results and make sure your vitamin levels stay where they belong.

Vitamin and iron deficiencies are always going to be a threat now.

Also if at all possible, buy a smart scale that keeps track of weight, muscle, bone density, fat, and water weights. I find it very helpful to know those numbers.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 11/30/19 12:23 pm
RNY on 06/03/15

I agree about the pictures. I had my husband take them - of all four sides - every month on my surgery date until I hit maintenance. I am SO GLAD I have them now!!

on 11/30/19 1:03 pm
RNY on 11/27/19

Thanks for the lovely replies. My son took a full length from the front and the side on the day of surgery. I will do that each month because I definitely have to see progress to believe it. I think the pain from not burping is much better now that I can finally burp. Today I am feeling so much better than yesterday. I got in 16 oz of water in and a premier shake so far so I think I'm doing okay. Oooh and I was able to have 2 oz of cream of mushroom soup and that was like having a steak lol. I definitely get up every hour to walk and that helps this gas pain. I did cry when my son came to visit last night because I felt rotten and he just hugged me and rubbed my back and said everything will be okay. He's the best thing that ever happened to me and his fiance calls me mama bear lol what a sweetie she is. Okay I'm rambling on as usual. Thanks again for the tips and encouragement. It means so much to a newbie like myself.

on 12/14/19 12:58 pm

The minimum amount of water or other beverages you need to consume each day is 64 oz; therefore, 16 oz of water and a premier protein shake (11 oz) is only 27 oz total, which is well below the daily amount needed to prevent dehydration and post-op issues/complications. Good luck.

on 12/15/19 1:57 pm
RNY on 11/27/19

Oh I'm sorry, I meant at the time of posting that is what I had already had. I have not had a problem at all getting in at least 64 ounces of fluids. I'm always sipping on something. I do appreciate the concern though. It's nice that others do actually care about people on here and want them to do well. Thanks again :)

on 12/1/19 2:42 pm
VSG on 06/11/18

Some people experience more pain with WLS than others. I suspect it has something to do with how much poking and prodding they had to do to reach the organs, whether or not they had to repair any hernias, and things like that. It sounds like you've had a worse time than most, but the good news is that as you start feeling better, things should improve quickly.

How are you doing today?

on 12/15/19 1:54 pm
RNY on 11/27/19

I am feeling amazing and able to get in all my fluids and protein. I have now moved on to soft foods which is totally different than the fluids. It doesn't take much to fill my pouch so I'm still relying on a premier shake in the mornings. I have no more pain which I am so happy for. I do still find myself becoming tired earlier than usual but I'm sure that's normal as I'm still healing. I haven't had any problem with any food so far. I had egg salad, chicken salad, refried beans with melted cheese, string cheese, and thin sliced deli turkey. Everything has settled nicely. Of course I eat very slowly and stop way before I have eaten two ounces because I just can't fit it in yet. Anyway, I want to thank everyone for their comments and tips along the way.

Much love and big hugs.

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