Revision surgery in Mexico

on 12/5/19 12:49 pm

Hello All,

Me and my husband is considering me having a revision surgery in Mexico, since my job does not have this as a covered expense ( I have exhausted all of my appeals). Has anyone went to Mexico? Good experiences? Bad experiences? I am revising from Sleeve to Bypass. I know there is a forum for Mexico in the community section, but it tends to be inactive. I could really use some help in our research. Please be as expressive and detailed as possible!!!!!


on 12/14/19 12:52 pm

The only place I would consider is Mexicali Bariatric Center. They're well known on ObesityHelp and the folks that have had surgery with them have been very pleased with their care and results.

on 1/22/20 9:23 am


What insurance do you have..why is the reason the denied your revision? My doctor simply sent in information that it was medically necessary due to GERD.. and it was approved in 3 days!


When i was denied the first time for my sleeve and i appealed my doctor sent them in 100 pages of follow ups i guess that did it for them..lolol Same doctor all 3 surgeries! lol..

on 1/22/20 9:57 am

Ive appealed times and even appealed with the state... I also have severe GERD... still denied. My employer would have to purchase a ryder in order for bariatrics to be covered. And since I work at a small non profit, the company cannot afford the ryder.