Barimelts Multivitamins

on 6/20/20 8:10 pm - MN

Has anyone ever heard of Barimelts Multivitamins? I need to know what your vitamin regimen looks like. Thanks.

on 6/21/20 7:00 am
RNY on 06/03/15

I've heard of them but have never tried them. I've always just used Centrum Silver (or more often, the generic equivalent, which both Walgreens and CVS have) as my multi. I take two a day.

in addition, I take some single vitamin/mineral supplements for things we require more of than what is normally included in multivitamins (iron, calcium, Vitamin D, B12, B complex - I also take K2, but that's because I have osteoporosis)

on 7/29/20 12:11 am, edited 7/28/20 5:14 pm

Personally, I have taken a multi for a lot of years in my life and not at this time. I take separate ones and would not be without it.

My feeling on supplementation, we can line up two 80 yr olds, one who supplements and the other one doesn't, the one who does is more vital and a lot healthier overall there.

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