Revision from LapBand to Gastric Bypass

on 10/22/20 1:19 pm - Easton, MD

Major Update!

Sooooooo..... shortly after I posted about my band slipping, I got a surgery date of 7/13/20 for lapband to gasric bypass revision and as of today I have lost 56 lbs!!! I am so glad I got the surgery. The insurance approved one surgery to do for all and I only spent one night in the hospital.

Have a blessed day!!
on 10/22/20 3:08 pm


So, 3 months later by my clock you should be past the worst of the pain, the worst of learning how to eat. You have had long enough that your plan should be beginning to become your new normal. So, you are on plan and losing weight. Good positive reinforcement for doing the right stuff.

Exciting times.


White Dove
on 10/23/20 4:27 am

That is wonderful news. Thanks for the update.

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