How long were you off work after surgery?

on 5/18/21 5:29 am - Ft Myers, FL
RNY on 06/07/21

I was given my surgery date yesterday, June 7 for RNY. I was surprised by how soon it was scheduled after completing the requirements. I just turned 65 and it is being paid for by Medicare. I have been wanting this surgery for a long time but it was not covered by my insurance.

I don't drive myself to work and the most strenuous thing I do is pick up a phone. My job is to talk to people over the phone and dispatch assistance. Nothing else. I sit all day. How long did you need to recover?

on 5/18/21 7:46 am
RNY on 10/29/19

I was off for a full week, and then 1 week of 1/2 days. It was a lot, and exhausting. But doable. And I sit at a desk all day as well. Good luck!

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on 5/18/21 7:55 am
RNY on 07/23/14

I remember standing in my kitchen a week after surgery thinking - I can't believe I had surgery a week ago. I turned the corner on day 5 with feeling better.

That being said I think the most challenging part is the routine - what am I eating? drinking? sipping water, moving my body etc. Being very mindful of everything especially when you get to actual foods - and not eating too fast.

I know everyone's situation is different in what they can do, but I suggest giving yourself as much time as you reasonably can.

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on 5/18/21 8:38 am

I am having surgery the same day as you. Congratulations on getting your surgery date so quickly.

on 5/19/21 1:11 pm - Ft Myers, FL
RNY on 06/07/21

We will have to compare notes and progress. My surgeon says only one night in hospital and can leave after the leak test. The hospital is so close to where I live that I could walk home!

on 5/18/21 7:09 pm
RNY on 03/24/21

Since you are not required to lift more than 10 lbs you should be able to return to work within 2 weeks. It may vary by surgical center.

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on 5/19/21 2:27 am
RNY on 09/30/20

I took 6 weeks.. wish I had taken 7. My surgeons office said 4-6. I work on my feet all day in a busy hospital.. wearing 25lbs extra of lead, bending, lifting etc.. first week back was awful & things slowly improved. My coworkers were great at letting me rest (and encouraging it when I was to stubborn to realize it)

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on 5/19/21 6:01 am
RNY on 06/03/15

I had a desk job (I'm now retired). I took three weeks off but could have gone back after two.

on 5/19/21 1:07 pm - Ft Myers, FL
RNY on 06/07/21

Thank you all for your input. I won't see my surgeon til the week before surgery. But will ask then. Talking with my supervisor, We have the plan to take a week off and then evaluate how much time I will need after that. She is very flexible about giving me the time I need.

I would prefer to use my PTO on my beach vacation in August. If I feel crummy I might as well be at work, who wants to use the sick time actually being sick? :-)

White Dove
on 5/21/21 7:36 am - Warren, OH

I was 59 with a desk job. I had surgery on a Tuesday. I could have gone back to work on Thursday, but waited until Monday. I have felt worse with dental work than I did with RNY. The surgeon will tell you to take six or eight weeks off, but you will probably feel fine after a few days.

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