Friday Menu n Excercise

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on 1/7/22 4:36 am, edited 1/7/22 2:02 pm
RNY on 09/01/12

Swimming with the Rents this morning. ( completed 50 minutes lap swim six laps butterfly)

Ate some toasted artisanal bread ( w garlic cloves inside) spread with roasted in the oven ACTUAL soft garlic cloves n freeze dried butter solids last nite along with chamomile tea skim latte w liquor.

Im getting seriously tired of my willful behavior!

Need to get estimates for apartment to remedy upstairs water leak and finally get an insurance payment .

Apartment is a disaster cleaning and organization wise and no skilled professional will see this and not refuse to work here not to mention that I cant bring the kids to stay in an unsafe and unhygienic environment.

Im SO frustrated its like every day I try and fail to seriously remedy this grrr

B- probably more fat free garlic toast with cottage cheese

L- soup n salad maybe shrimp ****tail

D - tbd but hopefully shellfish based ( thinking Chinese style stir fried ginger scallion lobster )

I dumped this afternoon from chai tea and a piece of garlic toast !!! This is SO not cool !