on 5/3/22 10:13 am - Paoli

Hello everyone. I am new here. I had the RNY in August 2013. I lost 100 pounds only to gain approximately 150 back. I honestly feel that my medications in part contributed to the regain. I can pinpoint to approximately 2016 as to when my regain started. My mother passed away after sitting in the hospital for 3 weeks waiting for her to pass. I was traumatized by this. I am a RN and have been a nurse for 21 years but had never had anyone that close to me pass or been in the position of waiting. I had always been the healthcare professional. If that makes sense. Anyway I started to have panic attacks and was started on Buspar and abilify also got with my antidepressant Effexor. I have had adjustments made with increases in the meds since then.
Anywho I am looking to get a revision but am uncertain which would be best for me the DS or have the RNY revision. The program that I would like to use does not offer the DS. This program is only an hour away. The program that does offer it is approximately 2 1/2 hours away. Any suggestions?


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