Anxiety/Buyers Remorse

on 5/4/22 1:24 pm
RNY on 04/18/22

Hi everyone, I'm a little over 2 weeks PO and my emotions are all over the place. Lots of anxiety and worry that I made a mistake. Lots of buyers remorse. I feel like I'll never be myself again. Any advice or tips?

Amy Liz
on 5/5/22 9:18 am
RNY on 11/21/16

Give it time. This change is hard but you will learn to adjust to the new you. It gets better!

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White Dove
on 5/5/22 10:01 am, edited 5/5/22 3:02 am - Warren, OH

You are on the first month of an opportunity that most people only dream about. You can lose weight quickly and effortlessly. That will last for a year, two years, or maybe a bit longer. The weight loss will end and you will feel like yourself again. You will be able to eat any food you like and after time will pretty much forget you ever had the surgery.

Follow your food and exercise plan, take your vitamins, and get your lab work done on time. Lose as much weight as you can during this magic phase when you have no appetite and what you do eat is not absorbed. Make sure you stay hydrated. Dehydration is common after surgery and causes fatigue and mental confusion. Keep moving and keep sipping water or liquid constantly.

By six weeks out I was over most of the tiredness and anxiety. After that every day got better. Probably 90% of people whose lives could be much better with weight loss surgery will never have the opportunity to get it. Lack of insurance, lack of money, and fear of the unknown keep them trapped in a body full of unhealthy fat that leads to illness and shorter life.

Congratulations on making this smart and healthy choice. Most people say that their only real regret was not doing it sooner.

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on 5/9/22 11:09 am
VSG on 06/11/18

A short period of buyer's remorse is very common after this surgery. And short-term depression is very common after any surgery, so you're probably feeling a combination of both. The fact that you're feeling doubts right now doesn't mean you made a mistake.

You should feel better very soon. In the meantime, take it easy on yourself. You might need to sleep more than usual. Try to distract yourself from your thoughts with something or someone entertaining.

Try to think of the future and what you can accomplish: I have a normal BMI now, and it's wonderful on this side of the fence!

You will be yourself again. In fact, you'll feel more like your true self than you have felt in years.

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