Anemia - lab work deciphering

Melody P.
on 7/1/22 2:49 am - TX

Am I right in thinking I'm likely anemic? Some are close to being "normal".

on 7/1/22 7:08 am
RNY on 02/08/21

Those lab values indicate a microcytic anemia, which can happen with low iron. There are other potential causes but post bariatric surgery says the most likely cause is low iron. When do you see/talk to your primary care provider? They will lay out their plan to address this.

Do you take an iron supplement? My husband, even before his roux en y, had low hgb issues due to age (he was 68 at the time of his surgery) and has to take a specific kind of iron that people who have had bariatric surgery absorb the best. He had been continuing to supplement with the type he took before surgery and he quickly had low hgb which reversed once he was taking the correct form (Fe Fumerate, I believe).

Good luck to you.

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Melody P.
on 7/1/22 10:30 pm - TX

Thank you so much for the thoughtful reply and information!