Thursday Menu and Activities

on 9/15/22 4:48 am, edited 9/15/22 4:54 am

Good Morning Menuers!

Gonna be a rough one today - I had two brain MRIs on the twelfth and yesterday afternoon received a call from my neurosurgeon?s office saying he wanted to see me at twelve today. Yikes !

I?d definitely rather know than not know but my initial tentative diagnosis was so scary when they recently discovered these two lesions ( and one in my pancreas) after a fall ? I couldn?t help but be scared and feel somewhat powerless ( though I?m truly doing everything I can other than drop everything and concentrate on healing lol)

I did resolve then and there to profoundly change my life if given another chance and to devote my time to the art and acting projects God put me on this earth to make rather than waste my life putting out endless fires.

I may change my focus on restoring the Long Island property before the freeze? and getting the potential tenants in and the property appraised high ( as well as completing endless paperwork to get hopefully get rid of the mortgage ). It?s a lot especially considering dock rebuilding season is almost upon us and renewing the permits for that, obtaining the money, getting bids, raising the two story rental house on the dock first, obtaining a container load of Trex from China and supervising the whole thing is a giant project in and of itself .

So in a weird way I?m glad going to art school full time didn?t work out - the class I paid for is doing a corpse like beginners pose in the dark - ( natural light in a basement ? ) the morning class sculpting a CAST !! ? and I can only do a thirty inch in the evening class which is proving harder than a life size as everything?s so TINY and involved grrr.
Even my half size horse project in Sunday Ecorche didn?t work out ?.

Not meant to be right now I guess maybe in the spring.

b- egg salad sandwich fat free latte w sf syrup

l- hospital cafeteria food

s - garlic shrimp cucumber salad

d- probably lobster roll driving out

please wish me luck !

including pic of statue so far-I'm sculpting the ( old, male) model as a nineteen thirties style bathing suited grrrl sitting on a plinth - so I changed the proportions and pose considerably .

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