Monday Menu and Exercise/Activity

on 9/19/22 5:51 am, edited 9/19/22 8:38 am

Good Morning !

Attended an impromptu dinner party at a friends house last night and slept just wonderful :) despite my miniature pony sized horse Ecorche project being rejected by the school ( for being too big ! ) and by the teacher ( because he just wants to teach the basics ) . Ok ?I have to accommodate.

stressful day today and tomorrow- I took my longtime landlord to housing court to demand he complete the renovations he started and hopes I?ll pay for out of frustration living for years with hanging electric wires ? holes in the floor and ceilings , lead paint in every room etc .

He in turn served me no papers and got an eviction notice because I didn?t show up for court. Unfortunately landlord- tenant court which used to be very pro tenant has fallen to the other side of the horse and is functionally totally pro landlord now (landlords hire expensive attorneys who run over the tenants rights and literally over talk them in front of the judge ) GRRR!!!

In any case my task is to find a free attorney TODAY to appear TOMORROW and counter the landlord getting my super to testify against me ( of course she?s his employee ) but she has a choice - and her daughter will have to testify against her ?

So I?ll be running around all day collecting letters saying what a worthwhile person I am ( in addition to being a starving artist and longtime faithful rent-payer and quiet tenant ) in hopes the two judges will finally assign me some counsel . Please wish me luck- like it sounds it?s a longshot.

b- egg white scramble w ff half n half , toast , leftover rice and beans in Caribbean gravy

s- cantaloupe , grapes

l- probably short rib sandwich ( surprisingly low fat and delicious)

d- Chinese ? Fresh homemade chicken stock and white meat dipped in various sauces . A bit of lean ? rib? and the insides of a couple of egg rolls w duck mustard and soy sauce

lns- carrot sticks and fat free onion dip ( ff sour cream with mix ) yum ! Popcorn n raisins .

Excercise - hot yoga if possible and sign up for PT at long last ! Chiropractor too .

Question for you insurance experts ? I had straight Medicare which may be better considering I travel to several states but I was persuaded to sign up for a plan whi*****ludes my doctors and gives me dental and eye coverage and a bit of money and supposedly even free gym membership BUT now I?m thinking ?does this new plan still cover chiropractic and pt ?

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