Tuesday Menu n Activities

on 11/15/22 6:46 am

Good Morning Menuers !

Im flying from ( warm ) Florida to freezing heatless Long Island currently . Ate the airport as usual during the mandatory boarding wait ( I remember those great days when you could run for the plane and it would actually wait for you lol)

So Im feeling a little weird. My pleather leggings are fitting HUGE and honestly my body after just a few days of swimming is SKINNY ( except for the ugly foof ... excess skin bra overhang , upper tummy ... ) .

Yes this is what i wanted and where i need to maintain weight wise for the camera but honestly i feel a bit gaunt ...

also i hated my face/wonky nose in profile yesterday in a three way mirror and hope it doesn't screw up my Yale application ( along with my age and other multiple deficiencies).

Acting sucks this way ... I was called back three times for Botched only to be rejected grrr.... Im afraid the days i got every part are gone ...poor me poor me pour me another drink ...

B- insides of chicken wrap with duck sauce pretty lowfat

s- coffee

l- probably ham n cheese sandwich on plane ff greek yogurt

d- barbecue? Have some marinated steak n chicken skewers ready in LI . Ill be stuck in the house carless for three days so im glad for my food hoarding ways there now :)

Exercise - polishing cabinets planting trees

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