Wendesday Menu n Activity

on 11/16/22 2:27 am, edited 11/16/22 2:52 am

Happy Hump Day Menuers!

Im up before five because a DUDE just Walked Into My BEDROOM!!!!

Officially the summers squatters are BACK - in the middle of rain and in the middle of the night ! Scary . They really are proving as determined and dangerous as people warned me . Super frightening.

He was a nice looking Caucasian young man in a hoodie and jeans the drug problem is really getting severe here like everwhere else . I just pray my lawn tractor is still ok because the squatters stole my shed key and spare keys this summer. It costs 300 to replace the shed key so i just didnt do it yet . i securely boarded it up then but unboarded it to change the belt .grrrr.
I feel so violated ! ( and stupid for not spending half a thousand bux changing keys) There are re-bought tools again missing too ? and he said hed been in my house before !

In addition i cant get warm because my first floor bedroom window wont close and of course i have no heat just a tiny space heater . I need to stop another dude running by and ask him to donate some muscle ..gosh i hate this maybe the nasty ex ? But then i get dik pics ..

b- hot tea w ff milk n no Sweetener grrr ( thank God for my hot plate ) filling of 1/2 Aldis frangipani tart spanakopita probably fat free fluffy eggs w ketchup n hot sauce

l- bank appraisal and maybe hitching a ride to town for pizza

d- lots of stuff here turkey medallions in marsala sauce ?

s- fruit cup greek yogurt and popcorn w raisins

activity - calling to ge****er sucked out of pipes and getting servpro finally cleaning up here hopefully tomorrow. Walking everywhere like to the library to use wifi and stay warm to the grocery store and post office a mile away or town ( two miles in the other direction) . Carless people get their exercise in lol!

Answer to houseplant question ( yall are just not plant people seemingly) - in Florida alone i counted 17 orchids in bloom and six African violets in the apartment - the decks are literally LINED with plants both flowering and succulent.

New York has ( now dead ) flowering perennials lining the windowsills mostly asters and chrysanthemums and Long island has seven in ground large gardens and a back deck and big front porch and stairs all with big plant pots .

Wouldnt be able to cook without fresh herbs lol.

What i dont have anywhere are traditional ?green house plants because I have to bring in decoratively potted hibiscus trees and cannas and dahlias to overwinter which makes a riot of color and bloom in the 35 foot family room in Long Island .

Oh and i have a bunch of giant amaryllis bulbs ive grown out every summer starting to bloom too about twenty . My carryon on the plane will be full of those and flowering succulent transplants lol a surprise for airline security!

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