Monday Exercise and Menus

on 11/21/22 8:08 am

Happy Late Morning Menuers !

Enjoying a VERY lazy day ... pajama clad n drying my hair ( naturally... takes a while) . Swam a bit this morning but the water was freezing ( theres been days of nothing but wind n rain here ) so mainly hot tubbed with Mom.

b- chai tea latte parmesan herb pizza crust thingies rolled in parmesan cheese fluffy ff eggs n salsa

s- curry pumpkin soup w ff half n half n ff butter popcorn seasoning

Mom wants to go to Costco Dad wants to starve - obviously buying and preparing Thanksgiving dinner will be left to me .

Probably roast stuffed chicken squash cucumber salad cabbage slaw ( no oil) maybe a morello cherry pie . Green bean casserole for sure ... going to try the sites recipe .

Maybe walk the mall later today . Cuddling w kittens n watching tv