19 years post op, menopause weight gain

on 2/1/23 5:06 pm - Greenfield, WI

Hello everyone!

I haven't posted in a long time but I really need to know if anyone else has had this issue. If so how did you deal with it?

I am 19 years out and had some ups and downs but mostly have maintained my loss. Now as I have started menopause I am steadily gaining. I haven't really changed my eating or exercise habits. Things that worked before aren't working now.

Has anyone gone through this? Does it get better after menopause is done?

Thanks for your input.


on 2/1/23 7:57 pm - NC


I'm 13 years out and have started gaining weight. I had also been maintaining my weight. I've now gained over 30lbs. I visited my surgeon today. They prescribed me an appetite suppressant to get back on track. Have you reached out to your surgeon?

on 2/2/23 3:48 am - Greenfield, WI

Thanks, I reached out to my primary doctor who didn't offer any meds. She only offered for me to see a nutritionist. My surgeon and the clinic I went to is no longer there. So that's not an option for me.

on 2/2/23 1:55 pm - Pittsburgh , PA
RNY on 12/19/17

You can find another Bariatric clinic in your area and access them. I changed Bariatric clinics about 1-year post-op and very glad I did. I am sure there is another one in your area that will see you. Best of luck.

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on 2/2/23 2:06 pm - Greenfield, WI

Thanks for the suggestion, I never thought about that.

H.A.L.A B.
on 2/2/23 5:42 am

Unfortunately "I haven't change anything " is the answer to "why" your are gaining.

As we get older, and the hormones change, we need to change. What worked for us before menopause won't work after. Hormones have changed, you are no longer losing blood every month, so that can also contribute to weight gain.

The biggest change I need to make as I got older was what I eat to stop gaining and start losing. Mainly, limiting carbs, decreasing qty of foods I'm eating.

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on 2/2/23 10:43 am - Greenfield, WI

Thanks for the info

White Dove
on 2/3/23 9:53 am - Warren, OH

The sad truth is that the less we want to weigh, the less we get to eat. Thirty pounds of excess weight means that you are eating 300 calories a day more than your body is burning. It takes approximately 10 calories a day to maintain one pound for a woman and 12 for a man. There are all sorts of gimmicks and diet plans but in the end it is how much you eat vs how much you exercise.

Every year you burn less and must eat have less food to stay at same weight. It does not get better after menopause. You have to track calories and you have to keep moving. I try never to miss a day on the scale because once I gain even one pound it never seems to go away. I have had that 30 pound regain and I have lost it, but it was not easy and if I relaxed, it would be back again.

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