What's on your Monday Menu?

Queen JB
on 11/27/23 1:27 am
RNY on 07/20/15

Good Morning! I cannot even wrap my head around today being the last Monday in November. Seriously, where has the time gone? Actually, the last few days were sooo lazy in post-holiday-recovery-land, so maybe that's where the time has gone? We just totally vegged out and had a few all-day-PJ-days :) I baked a little yesterday but it was mostly for fun--things I have wanted to try decorating! Since I am focused on only teaching classes this month, I'm not planning to take to many orders, so it will be nice to get back to decorating for fun, which will be a nice change of pace.

Today we are headed into Boston for a little mini-moon before Grim's next surgery on Wednesday. Just one night away at a hotel in the city, but it should be a nice time!

QOTD: What was your most recent (literal) rude awakening? This morning around 2:30am, one of the kitties noticed Grim was already out of bed and he settled half on Grim's pillow and half on my face. I fell back asleep, but at 3am, I woke up to the sound of a cat fight and a painful sensation on my arm. I have no idea what actually happened, but the cat who was snuggled on my head, seems to have launched himself off my arm in order to attack the other cat. I woke up in time to see them both leaping off the bed and howling at each other.

Accountability: I threw away a tremendous amount of leftovers, but not enough of them. Everything left should go in the bin before we leave later today.

As for food today--no clue. We don't really have a plan! Starting with protein coffee and egg white bites, but we'll be having lunch and dinner out, so I can't say what the rest of the day will look like. I think we'll be having dinner at a fun upscale kosher-style deli that I love called Zaftigs. Yum--I've never had a bad meal there!

I plan to enjoy a cat-fight-free morning in the hotel tomorrow, so I'm planning to sleep in and won't be starting the thread. Catch you on Wednesday!

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Melody P.
on 11/27/23 2:54 am - Amarillo, TX

Good mornin y'all! Hope Grim and you enjoy the overnight!

Not much happening hee today...at least that I know of. I think my mom might want to do some Christmas shopping for the kids and for Riley's birthday(12-12). We have a coupon for a free bath and body product and she's wanting to get that for one of the girls. I need to make some earrings for Rachel sometime. I have no clue what to get Riley for her birthday!

My pain is not doing well with the cold we've had. I just wish I had a way to escape it.

QOTD: the other night I heard someone yell my name in a dream but I didn't realize it was a dream and woke up to it in a very big panic!

B: eggs, turkey sausage and cheese...coffee x2

L: might get stuff for a salad

D: ????


on 11/27/23 3:08 am
RNY on 02/14/18

Good morning and happy monday! I've never heard of a mini-moon but I hope you have a wonderful day away!

I did not get a single stay in pjs and don't put on outdoor shoes day but I did get quite a bit that I wanted to get done and I feel rested going into what will be a busy week followed by a very busy December!

QOTD - the night of the Shining Ball something startled me awake but that's all I can think of. No idea what it was.

Busy day today at work plus I need to do my elliptical this morning and I had to move my trainer to tonight due to a work trip tomorrow.

menu today is

coffee plus half and half X2

greek yogurt

left over chili

tbd on dinner

Have a marvelous Monday!

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Amy Liz
on 11/27/23 7:32 am
RNY on 11/21/16

The ghost of Jack Torrance!! Or the Red Rum twins.

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on 11/27/23 4:33 am
RNY on 06/03/15

Mornin' All!

"Zaftigs" - pretty much how I feel after a meal at a deli - although I love delis, and would love this place!! Have a great mini-moon! DH and I have been talking about having an overnight at a B&B in town that years ago was a home for PhD students at the university. His late father lived there, and DH wants to stay in the room where his father lived. We keep putting this off because of his mother's health, but maybe we can do it now that she has home health aides. We're looking at sometime in December since the place probably won't fill up except for during Christmas week (after all, who vacations in Wisconsin in the winter - other than to see family during a holiday week?) - but I want to wait to see the weather forecast before we book. It'd be fun to go out for a nice dinner or whatever while we're there, which we wouldn't want to do if it's 20 below zero or we're having a foot of snow!

not much going on today other than class at 4:00 PM. I'm going to make more stock from the two rotisserie chicken carcasses I have (one has been in the freezer - the other is newer and didn't need to be frozen). I'm also planning to make a braised spinach dish that has been on my list to make for at least a week - but Thanksgiving and leftovers have put that off. Today is the day, before my bag of spinach goes bad!

QOTD: my usual awakenings are because some cat is retching on my bed or on the floor of my bedroom. Or has diarrhea and takes a dump in the litterbox that's in my walk-in closet. GAG!!!

coffee with half & half

plain skyr with cranberry sauce

turkey/farro/chickpea soup

Danish bread with butter and jam

Ratio yogurt with raspberries (?)

braised spinach

whipped sweet potatoes

hopefully the sidewalks are OK this afternoon - if so, I'll do my usual of getting off the bus a few blocks before my classroom building and walking the rest of the way since I can't go to pool until my cat bite wound is healed (it's almost there, though..yay!)

RNY 06/03/15 by Michael Garren (Madison, WI)

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on 11/27/23 4:34 am, edited 11/26/23 8:35 pm
RNY on 08/29/18

Good morning, everybody!

I don't usually post on the weekends but sometimes I read. Amy's Saturday post had me thinking about whether Thanksgiving weekend feels different after retirement. For 36 years, I have been treasuring the 4 days off. It's really a special time of the year for me. Only one year have I had to work on Friday, and even though there have been a number of Friday conference calls (and one Thursday), it has been one of the few consistently peaceful times of the year for me.

I don't know if this was my last Thanksgiving break, or if I have one or two more ahead of me, but in either case they are numbered. I wonder whether the weekend will still have the same special feel or whether it will be more of a regular Friday in the future. Some of my retired friends say that they don't always even know what day it is anymore.

DD went back to Dallas on Saturday morning. She wanted to drive down to Waco for the game Saturday afternoon, but her boyfriend was too tired. No engagement announcement.

My older son went back to Colorado yesterday afternoon. He has about a week and a half of classes then finals. We are going on a cruise December 14, and he is just going to meet us at the port.

My younger son was supposed to go home on Saturday, but his lower teeth were still bothering him. It sounds like the swelling from the wisdom tooth removal was pressing against his nerve, so he got a steroid treatment and a follow-up appointment for today. He seems to be doing better and the plan is for him to fly to Alabama tonight. he has only 12 days left of his semester before he is home again.

My face has returned to a pretty normal color. I am still peeling, but through the worst of it.

QOTD: Friday night I woke up when my youngest came in to announce that he wanted to stay home and see his doctor today

Breakfast: Frittata

Lunch: catered

Dinner: Not sure, probably out with DS

Have a great day, all!

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on 11/27/23 5:20 am
RNY on 06/03/15

I'm the same as your friend - I often forget what day it is. It'll probably be worse after DH retires, too (he works from home a couple of days a week - if he still worked at the office every weekday, at least I'd know that it wasn't a weekend day!). But as far as Thanksgiving weekend - I'm very aware of that, but it's because of the cooking and leftovers. It doesn't seem like a break anymore, because now almost every day is a break - every day is Saturday!

RNY 06/03/15 by Michael Garren (Madison, WI)

HW: 373 SW: 316 GW: 150 LW: 138 CW: 163

on 11/27/23 7:50 am
WLS on 07/15/22

You could turn it into a special weekend or event after you retire! Destination weekend or something, maybe?

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Amy Liz
on 11/27/23 4:55 am
RNY on 11/21/16

Good morning ~ Enjoy the mini moon in Boston! I hope you guys have a great time. It was a very nice, long weekend, but I'm happy to get back to my usual routine. On the weekends, food constantly taunts to me and it's a struggle but during the week I'm too busy to notice as much. Today is day one of intentional exercise and it's already bad because the power is out. I'm running on laptop battery power, my hot spot and instant espresso. My exercise equipment won't turn on and no heat it's too cold/dark to do yoga. I will fit it in somewhere today, probably after work. Work is work - somedays I love it, some days I don't. Not sure what today will be but I will make the best of it.

QOTD - Lately it's Sunny's snoring. It's hard to believe that something that tiny (+/-5 pounds) could even snore so alarming loud.

Accountability - A little white knuckling to keep from grazing yesterday. I stayed as busy as i could - it was rough. Anything I could ever want is in that kitchen. 196 today - yay!

b- coffeex4, cottage cheese

l - 1/2 chipotle bowl

d- turkey tacos on 25 cal tortillas

s- no snacking


e- walk at work or yoga when I get home

v/w - on track w/reminders and it's working well

Have a great day! Power just came on, thank you real coffee gods!

RNY 11/21/16 - HW/SW 309 LW 150

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on 11/27/23 5:15 am
RNY on 06/03/15

I'm kind of the same way with food - it's worse if I'm in the house. If I'm out and about, I don't think about it as much unless I'm truly hungry.

RNY 06/03/15 by Michael Garren (Madison, WI)

HW: 373 SW: 316 GW: 150 LW: 138 CW: 163