What's on your Wednesday Menu?

Queen JB
on 11/29/23 2:30 am
RNY on 07/20/15

Good Morning! We had a lovely little trip away and now it's New Knee Day for Grim :)

I can't believe what a trooper he is--I think I would have opted out of the 2nd one at this point but is is ready to go. His surgery time is exactly the same as last time, so we both know what to expect for the day ahead.

QOTD: Do you have a favorite store you love to wander around for hours? I am kind of obsessed with The Paper Source. They used to be an art store where you could get really great quality paper supplies that I used in my book making hobby. I used to live a few blocks from one of their stores and I would go all the time. Since then, they've morphed into more of a unique gift shop but I still love everything there. Our hotel was right next door to one and I spent about an hour yesterday looking around for cute holiday gifts :)

I feel badly that I haven't been able to post a real menu for a few days, and today is no different. I'll try to be better about eating than I did during his last surgery. Last time, I kept expecting a call at any minute because they were way off about the estimate of when I would be able to see him, so I didn't want to leave the building or go too far. But now that I know what to expect I can plan a little better to leave to get some food.

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on 11/29/23 2:52 am
RNY on 02/14/18

Good morning and welcome to the halfway point! Hopefully everything goes well today and at least knowing what to expect makes it easier.

QOTD - no specific stores but I always love a bookstore

My trainer was sick monday so we moved my session to today, I hope she's feeling better. My Fitbit gave me a 6 on a scale of 1-100 for my exercise readiness so I will probably only do the workout with my trainer vs a cardio plus workout. If I listen to my Fitbit when it tells me to get X minutes, I should listen to it when it tells me to take a rest day, right?

menu today

coffee plus half and half X3

egg on English muffin

greek yogurt

bunless burger

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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on 11/29/23 4:14 am
WLS on 07/15/22

Wait, is this the same device that didn't think you needed a rest day for an insane amount of days recently? Hmm...

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on 11/29/23 4:19 am
RNY on 02/14/18

It is...but I realized that I only had two days left to complete my Bhutan happiness trek and get my November badge.....and I had two programs left to do so I ignored it and did my elliptical this morning, lol.

HW: 306 SW: 282 GW: 145 (reached 2/6/19) CW:150


on 11/29/23 11:41 am
RNY on 03/24/21

What parameters does your fitbit use to determine the amount of exercise or rest you need? I am assuming it uses your pulse but wonder if it uses anything else.

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on 11/29/23 12:29 pm
RNY on 02/14/18

It looks at prior day activity as a discreet measure but also in relation to a 7 day average, the prior days sleep plus the prior 7 days, and the intensity of your activity the prior day along with a heart rate variability measure that is a 30 day median.

With using both the 7 days and the prior day, it continues to challenge you based on the performance so if you slack off, it ratios down but as you build endurance/excercise more it doesn't let you off the hook, at least that's my take on it.

HW: 306 SW: 282 GW: 145 (reached 2/6/19) CW:150


White Dove
on 11/29/23 2:59 am - Warren, OH

When I traveled all the time for work, my cohorts knew that if there was a Sharper Image store in sight, that is where they could find me. I bought lots of gadgets but remember the clerk thinking it was funny when I bought an automatic brush for my cat's birthday gift.

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on 11/29/23 3:42 am
WLS on 07/15/22

I remember Sharper Image. And malls.

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on 11/29/23 2:59 am
WLS on 07/15/22

Good morning QJB and menuers,

Best wishes on second surgery day! Hard to imagine having two back to back like that. Will be hoping for smooth sailing.

QOTD- I love World Market. It was one of the first unique stores I ever visited a long time ago and if I had an unlimited budget, I'd happily buy all my furniture and decorating stuff there. Even though I didn't inherit the decorating gene, much to my mother's chagrin.

Another office day today. I also confirmed that the fancy boat does have free Wi-Fi, so there may be some online time next week. We'll see. I picked up a swim cap yesterday to boost my dork factor and protect my scalp from the equatorial sun as I ponder my thinning hair. Sunburned scalp is no fun when swimming and snorkeling. Can you tell I'd rather think about next week rather than work? Ha.

Menu is more yogurt, a slice of bread with cheese, protein bar, more yogurt.


HW 282, LW 123.4 (8/29/23), CW 135

Pre-op-33, M1-12, M2-17, M3-14, M4-11, M5-14, M6-5, M7-6, M8-5, M9-22, M10-6, M11-5, M12-2, M13-2, M14-5

on 11/29/23 6:07 am
VSG on 08/09/21

What are you looking forward to most on the boat?

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