What's on your Thursday Menu?

Queen JB
on 11/30/23 2:53 am
RNY on 07/20/15

Good Morning! Shout out to Grim who was a rockstar yesterday. He did great. After the surgery I am only supposed to be able to visit him for 5 minutes in recovery, but this time he had a cool nursing crew who let me hang out for about an hour and a half, so that was fun! The male nurse he had was straight out of central casting for a Boston based movie. He was hilarious.

As I am sitting here writing this, Grim is controlling the lights in the living room where I am sitting from his smartphone, and he's flashing the overhead lights. I guess that means he is up and bored! I hope I will get the green light to pick him up this morning :)

QOTD: Are you interested in doing a Menu Thread Secret Santa? Matt threw out the idea and I just wanted to gauge interest in your participation before I put together a form! Any suggestions for it?

Accountability: I didn't eat anything yesterday but it was my choice this time. I finally found a waiting room for family waiting on surgery patients and I got a prime spot with PLUGS so I could charge devices. But there was no eating allowed there. I decided to stay put but I knew I could always eat later, but I would be pissed if I lost my good spot. I made my choice.

I need a few normal days of eating! Starting now!

  • Protein coffee
  • Egg white bites
  • Veggie burger
  • Chicken
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on 11/30/23 4:04 am
RNY on 08/21/12

Morning gang. I'm bored to tears. I should be out of here in 5 or 6 hours, if the various docs and departments are on time.

I went about 30 hours with no food, and 18 with nothing to drink. They brought me pudding last night, and it was the best thing ever. Chocolate pudding. Don't let any sociopaths tell you vanilla pudding is any good.

QOTD: OH Secret Santa sounds good to me. It should be soon though, as the clock is ticking.

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White Dove
on 11/30/23 4:56 am - Warren, OH

Good morning. Hopefully you have a tablet with you and can find something to keep your boredom down until about 2:00 PM. I do not know but think they keep you until about 2:00 or 3:00 to make insurance pay more. There was a point when I made vanilla pudding with protein powder almost every day and thought it was wonderful. The thought of eating that now would be awful. Glad the surgery is behind you and you can start getting your strength back. Beg for more chocolate pudding.

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on 11/30/23 5:03 am
RNY on 02/14/18

How do you feel about rice pudding? Is it best hot or cold? Pistachio pudding is my favorite and it has to be the fake green stuff.

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on 11/30/23 5:54 am
RNY on 08/21/12

Rice pudding sounds like it could be healthy. Which defeats the purpose of pudding.

6'3" tall, male.

Highest weight was 475. RNY on 08/21/12. Current weight: 198.

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on 11/30/23 6:42 am
RNY on 06/03/15

it's not the brown variety - so not that healthy! I love rice pudding, though...

RNY 06/03/15 by Michael Garren (Madison, WI)

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on 11/30/23 8:05 am - Pittsburgh , PA
RNY on 12/19/17

They have premade at Aldi have you tried it?

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on 11/30/23 10:37 am - Putnam, CT
Revision on 02/04/15

What about Grapenut pudding? Oh so good warmed up with fresh whipped cream mmm. I do like rice pudding also which for me tastes best heated a little bit. My husband loves every and anything pistachio.

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on 11/30/23 11:49 am
RNY on 02/14/18

I have not tried that, but I am also on team rice pudding should not be cold

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on 11/30/23 5:51 am
RNY on 08/11/14

I'm glad it went well yesterday and that you some yummy pudding. Rest and take good care of yourself.

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