What's your last Sunday of February plans?

Melody P.
on 2/25/24 2:49 am - Amarillo, TX

Good mornin y'all! QJB, if you're reading this good luck tomorrow! I'm sure you'll knock it outta the park!

Nothing at all planned today. It's been a rather nice weekend so far. I have yet to get any sleep today. Had an itchiness episode, coughing episode and a wired feeling. I think I'll take advantage of the doing nothing today and try for a few naps.

Not a lot planned for this week. I do have an appointment Tuesday, Wednesday and my ablation is Friday at 2:30. I have to fast for 8 hours so that should be interesting. Tuesday's appointment I'm not looking forward to. My mental health clinic PN isn't my cup of tea. He doesn't listen at all.

QOTD: what's your ringtone?

Mines a generic Viking type tune.

B: eggs, cheese, 4 crackers and coffee x 2

L: cod, Brussels sprouts and maybe some bacon.

D: no idea,

on 2/25/24 8:28 am
RNY on 06/03/15

Mornin' Weekenders!

we are officially DONE with MIL's apt - thank God! The only things we had left to do yesterday were to take her computer over to my mom's (to replace the prehistoric one she currently has), and bring the TV - along with the DVD/VCR player and Roku stick - over to our house. We had so much fun with the TV last night. All of our TV's are (at minimum) 20-year-old tube versions. This one is a 10-year-old flatscreen - 40" - but it's like a new world to us. We hooked up a $10 pair of old-timey rabbit ears (we have them on our other TVs - they work better than the new-fangled antennas) and programmed my two subscriptions (Netflix and Kanopy) into the Roku, and it's just like having cable! (minus CNN, which I wish there was a way to get sans cable..). This will be great!

we still have some financial stuff to do re: her estate - but it's mostly tax-related (as in waiting on statements from a couple of companies). We moved the money from her bank account into ours yesterday, and then closed her account. As I mentioned yesterday, her investment account was moved into a transitional account in DH's name on Friday - which will then be moved to our financial advisor hopefully sometime this week. But even if it takes longer, at least it's now all in his name. We're almost done!! (I'll start on our house soon - but I'll probably give myself two or three weeks of downtime - the least two months have been hell!). I want to do my "Swedish Death Cleaning" so no one has to go through all the hassle we've had to go through (there will always be some hassle, of course, but I want to minimize it as much as possible)

QOTD: I never changed my ring tone so it's whatever the standard one is. My phone is usually muted since I hate phones and most of the calls are spam. I just have to remember to check for voicemails three or four times a day (which are usually legit).

coffee with half & half

plain skyr with cranberry/cherry compote

probably a protein shake sometime today

hot & sour soup

the leftover bean burrito and/or cheese enchilada that I didn't eat at the Mexican place we went to last night (to celebrate!)

have a great Sunday, all! Weather looks great outside my window, so I'll spend some time outside today!

RNY 06/03/15 by Michael Garren (Madison, WI)

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White Dove
on 2/25/24 10:09 am - Warren, OH

I did the Swedish Death Cleaning a few years ago, but things have a way of accumulating again, so need to it again this summer. It is a good feeling to know that everything is in order and would be easy for whoever is taking care of things once I am not here.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

Jenny K.
on 2/25/24 5:37 pm
RNY on 02/21/24

QOTD: the theme song from Stargate SG-1 lol

The last few days have been uneventful. I'm sipping one thing or another every 15 minutes, which is more time consuming than one would think at first glance! 4 days post-op and I feel really good.

Hubby went to work for a few hours and I know he was nervous about leaving me without adult supervision but I did my best to behave. He's exhausted, poor guy. I think he didn't like the feeling of helplessness during my surgery (because he's not a surgeon lol). He knows he married a stubbornly independent gal but he is also ferociously protective of me so I think this has been hard on him.

Using my leave time from work to get a couple things done, like the eye exam that I'm way overdue for, and maybe a haircut that I'm equally overdue for, without overdoing anything. Got a stack of books to read and a room full of yarn that isn't going to crochet itself!

B/L/D/S: water, Gatorade zero, a protein shake, some yogurt, and a little sugar free pudding


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