What's on your Tuesday Menu?

Queen JB
on 5/21/24 2:59 am
RNY on 07/20/15

Good Morning! I got nothing. Work was good. Gerd and allergies are less good. You know--the usual. But the weather is beautiful and it's going to be my first work-from-my-outdoor-office day :) And we have a ball game tonight. Yay!

QOTD: Do you have a favorite stand up comedian? I realized I haven't really followed any new comedians in ages but I still love some oldies like Eddie Izzard, Amy Schumer, and Tig Notaro.

Accountability: Oops, I didn't get many steps. Food was okay though.

  • protein coffee
  • lemon curd greek yogurt
  • chicken caesar salad
  • sausage & peppers
  • popcorn
  • High Weight before LapBand: 200 (2008)
  • High Weight before RNY: 160 (2015)
  • Lowest post-op weight: 110 (2016)
  • Maintenance Weight: 120 (2017-2019)
  • Battling Regain Weight: 135 (current)

on 5/21/24 4:02 am - DC
RNY on 12/16/13

Good morning! I'm on a streak of terrible nights of sleep. Hoping to remedy that when I sleep in my own bed tonight since I'm traveling again next week. Fingers crossed!

The wait is over...yesterday's team building activity was...go kart racing at an indoor track. Ironically our poor bus driver who transported us there side swiped a post that just wrecked the side of the bus. Poor dude. It was a decent team building activity.

Dinner was extravagant. They let us choose between a mixed or Caesar salad, either filet mignon or chicken or wasabi rusted tuna, and cheesecake or chocolate cake. And then for the table brought meatballs, calamari, prosciutto and mozzarella, creamed spinach and mashed potatoes. I could hardly eat and someone commented on my portions. I tried to move stuff around on the plate. It was lively conversation though!

I fly home today and will hit the gym this afternoon. Todays eats will be airport, airport, and then turkey tacos!

Have a most spendid day! Working from a home outside office sounds damn good!

on 5/21/24 5:14 am
RNY on 08/11/14

I am hoping you get some restful sleep tonight.

RNY 8/11/14 with Dr. Kelvin Higa PS Lipectomy 4/12/17 with Dr. John Burnett HW291.4/CW165/GW150

on 5/21/24 7:01 am
RNY on 08/29/18

sounds like a fun night! (minus the sideswipe)

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White Dove
on 5/21/24 7:04 am - Warren, OH

When I get a fabulous dinner like that I find myself wishing I could have my old capacity back for just one meal. The go cart does sound like a lot of fun. Safe travels home.

One thing I learned years ago when I worked midnight shifts is that it is OK sometimes to take a sleeping pill and get a good night's sleep. I know some people overdo them, but once I got some sleep I would seem to regulate and sleep without them.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 5/21/24 4:21 am - DC
RNY on 12/16/13

I forgot the QOTD! Michelle Buteau is so hilarious, I can barely stand it. I've seen her Standup and it's amazing. She also wrote and starred in Survival of the Thickest on Netflix. She's starring in Babes (in theaters now) AND she is currently filming a standup special at Radio Music Hall (first woman ever!). I recommend finding some clips of her and checking her out. She is amazing!

on 5/21/24 7:13 am
RNY on 10/29/19

Survival of the Thickest was excellent!

Melody P.
on 5/21/24 4:35 am - Amarillo, TX

Good mornin y'all.

Yesterday ended up being an ugly day for me that ended in a big HUGE ugly cry. Screamed into my pillow a bit. So now I'm groggy and have a sore throat. My GERD is also rearing its head. My mouth hurts. I'm just so very exhausted. It's been building so maybe it'll help to let go of some of the bull****

They changed me to a different pain med yesterday. So now the wait is on with how long it'll take Medicaid to approve it. I've been on it before but it's been years. Buprenorphine. It's piece of film that you dissolve in your mouth. Hopefully it'll help.

my niece Riley has an awards ceremony this morning and that's all that's planned.

QOTD: stand up just isn't my thing.


Amy Liz
on 5/21/24 4:58 am
RNY on 11/21/16

Good morning ~ My dad was a HUGE wrestling fan. He took us to a couple of WWF events and we got to meet Andre the Giant! Those were very good times. Well, Rob is never leaving the house again. For his birthday, his boss gave him a SuperBox premium package thing for our TV so he could watch every Dodger game (they are not broadcast here for some reason - even with cable). I cannot believe what comes with this Superbox! Every sport channel known to man, national and regional news from all over the country, all live network and cable channels, video on demand, HBO, Showtime, Paramount+, AMC+, Cinemax and a ton I'm forgetting. So, I will be cancelling my subscriptions to all of those. I will now only pay for hulu, disney and netflix. Wow. I cannot believe we gifted the cable company $250 a month for YEARS. I'm seriously PO'd!

Today is more work, work, work. The fun social/work events start tomorrow and it turns out, I have meetings during every single one of them. No fun for you Amy! I'll miss the baby shower, the birthday party and staff BBQ. But, I get a trip Solvang for a meeting so I'll take it. This week will fly.

QOTD - All I can think of is Fluffy! Love him. I have a few comedians I follow on TikTok that make me laugh.

Accountability - perfect angel w/80 active minutes, 5,789 steps and 179.2 this am. I've done something to my right foot? During my workout yesterday, my arch was really bothering me. To balance without pain, supination was automatic. My ankle felt funny all day, still does. Rest day today and will wear supportive shoes, no Rothy's today.

B- coffee w/half and half, Legendary pastry, yogurt

l - Real good General Tso's chicken with edamame

d - baked potato w/the last of the pulled pork

s- sm apple w/peanut butter

Have a great day!

RNY 11/21/16 - HW/SW 309 LW 150

REVISION 4/10/23 - HW 240 SW 225 GW 175 (6/14/24) CW 174 REVISED GOAL 165

on 5/21/24 7:32 am
VSG on 08/09/21

I enjoyed old school wrestling too. Guys like Andre the Giant, King Kong Bundy, the Iron Sheik were my favorites to watch. Andre the Giant was larger than life and a lot of his life mirrored that. His story is pretty fascinating along the way.

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