on 10/21/11 11:07 am - Saginaw, MI
Hi I have no type of insurance but would love to get VSG does anyone know how I would be able to go about doing this? Any ideas or help would be appreciated

Thank you

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on 10/21/11 11:19 am
Well , my insurance won't cover mine so I am self pay in Mexico.
I happen to have the cash for it, but it can be financed as well.
Mexico is MUCH cheaper then the states also...
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on 10/21/11 1:09 pm - CA
I did the self pay in Mexico...wonderful experience and best care... hands down. I used Dr. Ramos-Kelly. I would highly recommend him for sure!
on 10/21/11 3:48 pm
 I'm going to Costa Rica for surgery 10/31.  We've been there a few times and hope to retire there, so in part checking out the medical scene first hand.  Dr. Zafrani has great credentials (did surgery on the president of Costa Rica--that must mean something!)  Total, all inclusive w/ testing, blood work, hospital stay is $11k.  Good luck with whatever you decide!  -Maria
on 10/21/11 10:54 pm - Decatur, GA
VSG on 08/07/08 with
Loads of us here went to Mexico and had wonderful experiences.  I used Dr. Guillermo Alvarez,, and my experience was top-notch.  He is marvelous!

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on 10/23/11 3:00 am - Saginaw, MI
 thanks for all the replies but I was hoping of somewhere in the states as I don't really want to go far from home the person that will be going with me doesn't really like to travel much ahhahaha thanks again for responding

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