Kidney Problem

on 10/16/12 10:30 pm - NY
I am almost 3 years out from having VSG (march 10 makes 3 years), I have developed a problem with my left kidney recently within the last year and half.  It's not a stone has about four different tests done, going in on Wednesday 10/24 for them to look inside and see waht this blockage is.
My question, did anyone develop kidney problems after having wls?

Just trying to see if there is some type of connection.


SleeveRockn Chic
on 10/17/12 5:14 am
I am a lil over a year out and I just recently had a 7mm stone that wasn't going to pass on it's on.  I had a stent put in and also had Lithotripsy done to break up the stone.  This has been a terrible last 3 weeks.  My kidney Dr. believes the stone formed from the excess calcium I take.  I also have a mass on my left kidney that they are sending me for a CT.  Hopefully that turns out ok. Hopefully you can figure out what's going on.  I understand the frustration and all the waiting and tests is trying to say the least.   Kerry

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on 10/17/12 6:12 am - NY
Hi, thanks for your response.  The last test I had done was a nuclear renal and it doesn't show a stone but there is a blockage.  I didn't even realize that there was something wrong with my kidney, I kept thinking that it was a muscle pull or spasm.  So next Wednesday will be the day I finally find out what is going one.  My doctor is also putting a stent in.

Hope things go better for you and you're feeling better soon.

Take care, Toni

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