A different thought on time to eat a meal: Need a source for an old posting. 4.5 years post...

on 10/12/12 8:56 am - Saugus, CA
I may sound snarky here at the get-go, but I am not asking for YOUR thoughts on eating meals slowly or how long it takes for you to eat or how many bites, etc. Good...now that is out of the way... ;)

I remember, when I was a regular at OH and a newbie and maybe a pre-op (RNY April 2008), I read a post with someone arguing/stressing that to eat a meal slowly actually defeats the purpose of the mechanics of the pouch. That, in reality, a meal should be eaten quite quickly to acheive optimal satiation.

As expected, there was a lot of hullabaloo over it, and as usual, I quit following it because it did not pertain to me.

Anyone remember this? Do you remember who the original poster was, or how I can find a source/resource for this argument?

Thanks and Love,

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on 10/14/12 2:46 am
You might try Dailystrength.com Gastric bypass surgery support. I have seen this talked about, or at least mentioned.
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