gained weight??

Anita Jo
on 4/27/13 11:14 pm - Elmira, NY

If i just eat protein will i lose weight??

i gained about 20 pounds and i feel terrible. also had a miscarriage a few weeks ago.


i am now 167 pounds, about 6 months ago i was 147 pounds.



on 4/29/13 11:36 am

So sorry about your miscarriage .. I'm not sure if eating more protein will help you to lose weight or not .. Just wanted to say sorry .. Hopefully someone will be able to give you an answer ..



Anita Jo
on 4/30/13 11:49 am - Elmira, NY

ty. the main board told me just to eat right since my body is going thru changes after my miscarriage.

on 4/30/13 1:18 pm

That is correct that your body is and will for a bit go through changes from the miscarriage .. It's a traumatic event for you and for your body .. So I'd say for now to take it easy as best you can and try to not focus on your weight .. There is a grieving process you will go through and it can be emotional so with that said it can be hard to not eat cuz of your emotions .. Don't beat yourself up either if you don't think you're doing something right .. Give your self permission to go through the grieving and after you start to heal then you can re-focus .. Keep in touch and let me know how you're doing .. Take care, Rhonda

Anita Jo
on 4/30/13 9:24 pm - Elmira, NY

ty rhonda.. big help.. makes me feel better..

Anita Jo
on 6/16/13 7:56 am - Elmira, NY

update.. now its 6/16/2013 and i am now 173 pounds. help......i am gaining weight.

i am not pregnant.did a test.      what to do?????????????????????????help.............  blush




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