Gall Bladder issues 10 year post-op

on 9/18/14 6:54 am - Pittsburgh, PA

I know gastric bypass and rapid weight loss in general can cause gall bladder problems. I had the RNY almost 11 years ago. I have noticed over the years that I sometimes get a sharp pain in my abdomem when I am putting on pants (lifting my legs) and at other times I get a pain in my side similar to what you'd feel if you had held your pee for a long time even after I had already gone. Lately, I'd say over the past year or maybe 2 years, I've gotten tight, spasmic like pains in my upper abdomen or a tight feeling in my chest below the ribs. No OTC heartburn meds help. Sometimes it lasts only minutes, other times for hours. It always seems to start after eating. Its been happening much more frequently and staying for much longer periods of time in the past couple months. I googled the symptoms and came up with gall bladder issues which I hadn't thought of but as soon as I heard that, I remembered about the gastric bypass sometimes contributing to that. I am going to the regular dr tomorrow to ask about it (I've moved several times since surgery and have been out of touch with my GB dr for many years). I was wondering if anyone else developed gall bladder iissues this long after surgery?

H.A.L.A B.
on 9/19/14 11:06 pm

Normal people develop GB issues just because.  

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