Is this dumping??

on 1/7/17 8:10 pm

So I'm just 6 years out from surgery and I've started having these "episodes".  I get sweaty, shaky, nauseated, sleepy, all at one time! Sometimes heart palpitations accompany this. Sometimes it is in response to eating, other times it isn't.  It is very inconsistent.  I can eat something and have no problems and then two days later eat the same food and feel like I'm going to die.  Not necessarily pain, just part of the episode.  Sometimes I don't really have all of the symptoms, maybe just one and this "Man, I feel like crap."  feeling.  If I lie down, it will usually go away.

I NEVER had these issues right after surgery.  In fact, most of the time I didn't even dump regardless of what I ate.

I have been to the doctor.  I have had my hormones checked first as I initially thought that it may be peri-menopause. Nothing unusual to report.  I went to my regular doctor and have other blood tests including those for thyroid function (TWICE.)  Everything is normal.  My doctor things that it is a result of my depression/anxiety.  She thinks it may be a type of panic attack.

I suspect for some odd reason my blood sugar is swaying.  It is normal the majority of the time but for some reason, it will drop (or maybe rise?) and that is when I get the feelings.  

Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

Thank you,


on 1/8/17 7:11 am

Hi Darleen,

I myself have these episodes and it usually relates to blood sugar. I am almost 8 years out and especially if I eat carbs I get these crashes. I sweat like crazy, my vision gets blurry, I get dizzy, and my anxiety goes through the roof. I say it's like being drunk without the fun.  I also have depression and anxiety and this doesnt have anything to do with that. Talk to your doctor about your blood sugar, keep a food journal to see if there may be certain foods that trigger this. There is a potential for hypoglycemia.


I hope this helps,


on 1/8/17 8:39 am

Thank you so much!  After the doctor appointment last week, I was in tears.  I can't believe it is all in my head!!  It doesn't feel like a panic attack, or at least compared with the few that I have had.  I'm doing whole30 right now, for the new year, so carbs are out.  We'll see if I have any episodes this month.

Thank you again for your reply.

on 1/8/17 9:13 am, edited 1/8/17 1:14 am

Just be careful. I would experience this with potatoes and beans as well. I also find that if I am eating more protein(meats) that I don't have as many issues. So, sticking to what we should be doing anyway with eating protein first is always a good idea. 

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on 1/11/17 8:48 am - CA

This sounds like reactive hypoglycemia.  I have experience this since my early days of being post op, but there was not much info on it and I always thought it was dumping.   

Here is an article regarding the RH, maybe you can determine if in fact this is what you are having.  


on 2/1/17 1:03 pm
RNY on 09/29/14

I think it is reactive hypoglycemia as well and I started getting this after post op year 1. It can be very very scary because it comes on fast and it can be confusing until you figure it out.

My sugar has gone as low as 40 before I figured out what was happening. It is a vicious circle once begun too. If you use sugar tablets to bring your sugar back up, in an hour it will happen again.


It usually starts happening as we let more carbs into our diet. For example, if I have cream of wheat for breakfast and don't follow up with a protein rich snack, i will get an episode. So I have learned to stick closely to a protein heavy, lower carb diet all the time. If I dont stray too far, i dont get into trouble.

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on 2/1/17 1:52 pm - CA

I completely agree with you!   I am dealing with some regain and cut carbs from my diet.  Well, the other night I ate some and boom it hit me. I was sweating and shaking and feeling horrible.  And, it wasn't even a large amount of carbs.  So, my body is just responding to any carbs now, that way.  Which is fine.  It keeps me on track with dense protein and low carb in form of non-starchy veggies. 

Beam me up Scottie
on 1/14/17 8:49 pm
DS on 02/17/06 with
Someone metioned RH. It would be a good idea to search OH for this topic. It's been talked about for years on this site.

From what I've seen the advice that is given is that you may want to try and eat 6 or 7 small protein meals per day and limit your sugar and carbs. Some people have to eat meals close to or at bedtime to keep their blood sugar levels "normal". I remember reading one post where the OP stated that they kept a peanut butter sandwich by their bed to take a bite or two in the middle of the night.

Again research research research ....then go see your bariatric surgeon.

on 3/29/17 5:18 pm

Hi Darleen!

I am almost 9 years out from my surgery (I used to post on the forums a lot when I was a new post-op). About 3-4 years ago, I started having the EXACT same issues as you, but very infrequent. I usually have them when I have ice cream or cupcakes with rich icing, which I limit anyways, so I'd always just have a few bites or very small serving. In the last year, I've started having these episodes every month, not with just sweets. Just last week I had a really bad episode where I was not responsive. I was on vacation w/ my family and had a small ice cream cone. I started to feel gross right before I fell asleep, said goodnight to my husband and figured I'd just sleep it off. The next thing I know, my husband and 6 paramedics are asking me who the president is and what year it is. I was so confused, kept telling them my birth year. VERY SCARY. Turns out I was totally incoherent, not answering my husband and starting to have a seizure (twitching and jerking and giggling). My blood sugar was only 22 when the paramedics tested it. So I had glucose in an IV and spent about 2 hours in the ER, had blood work done (after eating) and they sent me home. I have an appointment with my doctor on Friday to start sorting this all out. I've done a lot of research and it sounds very much like reactive hypoglycemia. I had no idea that it could get as bad as it did and now I'm being very careful about eating refined sugar and my family says I can't have anymore ice cream - which is fine because I scared them all to death :(

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on 8/28/17 4:35 pm - Belleville, IL

No disrespect, but WHY are you eating cupcakes, ice-cream, etc??? After WLS you MUST act as if you have Diabetes. That means NO sugar, NO sweets, etc. When I go to the Dr's/Hospital I tell them I have diabetes 2 so they DON'T use a sugar/dextrose IV. Yes Reactive hypoglycemia is a big factor, and its caused by blood sugar dropping and rising. If I even had a tiny LICK of ice cream or frosting my blood sugar would spike and then drop. The lowest its dropped is 20. NO SWEETS! Your life is on the line, you knew what you were in for when you had WLS whether it is RNY, DS, VSG. Tell your family and friends you have diabetes and ditch ANY sugar (Dextrose, sucrose, etc)



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