Back after 3 years away and needing help

Linda W.
on 12/22/17 4:32 pm - Clearlake, CA

I had my surgery in September 2010, and lost 100 pounds. For several years, I maintained with no problems, stuck to the rules, and was a success story. Then 2 1/2 years ago, my mom fell ill. A year ago in November she passed away, but now my dad is not doing so well. It's been an emotional rollercoaster and over the last year I've fallen back into some of my most destructive habits - like chocolate and ice cream, and not wanting to work out.

I trying very hard to get back on track. I just can't seem to get back to the basic rules, although I know them by heart and lived them for over 5 years. So, I am coming back to get some of the positive momentum going again! Reading everyone's posts and learning from their experiences was always a major help for me. I do not want to hit 200 again, but with a 30 pound gain, I'm closing in on that wall.

Any suggestions from anyone who has been through this or something similar that knocked them off track would be most gratefully appreciated!! Thank you for all the help you've been in the past and for all the help I know you will be going forward.

H.A.L.A B.
on 12/27/17 1:19 pm

hi, at one time i regained app 30 lbs. I just became comfortable .. too comfortable.

Unfortunately - once carbs get hold on me - it is hard to say no to them.

The only way I know how - is to do it cold turkey. Just get rid of foods that you should not eat and have a hard time to say "no to " when stres****s.

For me - fresh bread and special type of chocolate - candies are my downfall. I would eat them when they are at home - even when I know they can make me sick, cause more weight gain. So we don't keep fresh bread at home. if we do - not very much and not often. The special type candies - my partner has them - and he keeps them out of my sight.

Once I would decarb - limit carbs in my daily intake - most of my cravings go away and it is much easier to turn down the carby snacks.

For me it was important to have variety of good food choices to eat at anytime. Cold cuts (low sugar), HB eggs, NSA pickles, low carbs vegetables, etc. when I was hungry - I had no excuse but to eat"healthy food" If I did not wanted to have , i.e. chicken or HB eggs, - I knew I was not hungry but simply had cravings for carby stuff.

When I wanted to re-lose the 30 lbs I followed this plan:

Food choices:

  • Low carbs
  • no grain
  • no artificial sweetener - they cause more cravings for me.
  • Miralax (to help with my constipation)
  • fruits - only berries and only 1 to 3 max servings per week (a serving is 1 small cup of berries)
  • Low carb - high fat (relatively) - 100 gr of protein daily
  • Nuts (specially Late Night Snack-LNS to keep my BS stable at night)
  • no alcohol, no soft drinks.
  • only liquid calories in a form of protein shakes with a very small amount of carbs in it.
  • I try to eat and drink as natural as I can, trying to avoid highly processed foods..

RNY forum have daily men that is very active. Join that and post your menu every morning. Plan your eating in advance and stick to the plan.

This forum is not very busy. The RNY forum has many more participants. The daily menu posts always gave me great ideas to make my eating - my menu more interesting.

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