Community Goals

Weigh under 200 pounds

I want to do this


I had surgery just 6 days ago but already made progress towards this goal while doing a "PRE" pre-op diet for a while before I even comitted to surgery. I am keeping motivated by thinking about how much better I will feel physically when I am lighter.


I want to be able to go on a airplane to visit my family in Texas and be able to sit comfortable


I am wanting to lose over half my weight.


I expect to lose 30lbs and get under 200 lbs

K. reynolds

I can't wait to step on the scale & it says under the 200. . Mark ;)

K X.

50 more pounds to go


I've been over 200lbs for the past 20 years. This will be a MAJOR milestone for me.

Adriana R.

<(!_!)> <(!_!<)(>!_!)>