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Articles From The Current Issue
OH Events
by Kim Gyurina, OH Events Manager
Yes, it’s true! ObesityHelp loves Atlanta, Georgia and by popular demand, we are hosting another fantastic...

Web Exclusive Articles
Starved to Make a Difference
by Ronda Einbinder
Eric Schaeffer is the man behind the new FX comedy Starved. The show features four New York friends dealing with the struggles of their eating disorders. The writer/producer/director/actor of Starved spoke with OH Magazine staff writer Ronda Einbinder about the new hit series via telephone from his home state of New York...

Obesity and the Cancer Link
by Michael H.Wood MD FACS
Presently, obesity is the number two cause of preventable death. In spite of our very good healthcare system, the problem of overweight and obesity affects approximately two thirds of our adult population...
Articles From Past Issues
No One is Alone
by Cathy Wilson
When you hear “support” as it relates to weight loss surgery, what comes to mind? For...
Protein, Nuts and Dairy
by Michael Bilof, MD
First let’s discuss why protein is important and then what types of protein are best. The reason we emphasize...
Diary of a Fat Girl
by Penny McKinney
Each step hurt my feet, my thighs rubbed together, which made me angry, and I could feel the vertebrae of my spinal cord...
Anything is Possible
by Ralph Hveen
My name is Ralph Hveen. I am 32 years old and had fought the fight of obesity my whole life. I grew up in a household where eating was just what you did. I was always a heavy child and as I got older, it got worse and worse...
Letter from the Editor
by OH Editor-In-Chief Tammy Colter
Summer is upon us and just as the seasons change, we all need a little help staying or getting back on track once in awhile. Tracking your food intake, your activities, and body measurements, can be an important...
Letter from the Editor
by OH Editor-In-Chief Tammy Colter
Full disclosure: I am assembly-challenged. There, I said it! I am just not known to be real good with following directions and when I see the words, “assembly required,” I instantly panic. Therefore, an unopened ...
Letter from the Editor
by OH Editor-In-Chief Tammy Colter
I was walking on my treadmill the other day, thinking about my yesterdays and daydreaming about my tomorrows.   I stared at the digital display as it counted the minutes, distance, and calories representing my great walking expedition to nowhere in particular,  and I thought about  the years and...
Letter from the Editor
by OH Editor-In-Chief Tammy Colter
Like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, our cover girl for this issue, Suzanne Monahan, has accomplished a beautiful transformation of her own. In her featured article...
Letter from the Editor
by OH Editor-In-Chief Tammy Colter
I recently ran across a quote by author, philosopher Albert Camus: Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. It made me think about the WLS journey and how those who have accomplished amazing...
Letter from the Editor
by OH Editor-In-Chief Tammy Colter
Like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, our cover girl for this issue, Suzanne Monahan, has accomplished a beautiful transformation of her own. In her featured article, Abandoning Fear and Embracing Change, Suzanne shares her intimate journey through...
Letter from the Editor
by OH Editor-In-Chief Tammy Colter
Spring and new beginnings are all around us and Summer is on the horizon. The grass is a fresh shade of green and flowers are blossoming everywhere, highlighting the beauty of life in all the colors of the rainbow. Spring and Summer are seasons that are good for...
Letter from the Editor
by OH Editor-In-Chief Tammy Colter
Kristi Hall and her husband Jim had been together since she was 16 years old. When she was just three months post-op and still learning to live her new lifestyle, her husband and number one supporter, was suddenly deployed to Iraq. In our cover story, It’s The Journey, Not The Destination, (page 54) Kristi ...
Letter from the Editor
by OH Editor-In-Chief Tammy Colter
I am so excited about 2010 and anxious to learn what the year holds for all of us. I can’t wait to hear about your WOW moments, your weight loss journeys, to view your before and after photos and to learn even more ...
Letter from the Editor
by OH Editor-In-Chief Tammy Colter
The holiday season is fast approaching and we’re thinking of you. Are you ready to be hit with the usual pressures of familygatherings? Ready to be hit with that PLUS nearly endless quantities of food being pushed near your face? I’m certainly not....
Letter from the Editor
by OH Editor-In-Chief Tammy Colter
Autumn is without a doubt my favorite time of the year. I am always in awe of the simple beauty that nature brings as the Autumn leaves dance gently, sometimes furiously, and start to fall away and reveal the very bare innocence of the tree’s they once decorated. For me, Autumn brings....
Letter from the Editor
by OH Editor-In-Chief Tammy Colter
I just love celebrations! I am not talking about big parties and expensive extravaganzas. Not at all. Instead, I like reading about and experiencing those “mini? celebratory moments; Wow moments, (see page 26 of this issue), At Goal moments, “New You? moments, those “I can do it? moments, the “I can change my life? moments....
Letter from the Editor
by OH Editor-In-Chief Tammy Colter
OH Magazine is proud to be celebrating our sixth year in publication. We continue to be honored to share in the personal journeys and weight loss successes of so many OH members who have inspired and paved the way for countless others by having the courage to share their honest, real life experiences. We are grateful to...
Letter from the Editor
by OH Editor-In-Chief Tammy Colter
In my younger years, I was all about being fit and active. Not on purpose, mind you. My curiosity coupled with my seemingly unlimited energy, kept me on the go. I was a mascot or cheerleader ever since I could form sentences and gymnastics, baton twirling and dancing...
Happy 2009 to you and your loved ones!
by OH Editor-In-Chief Tammy Colter
After the New Year, I always find myself reflecting on the previous year and the precious memories that were created and shared. For me, in 2008, stronger family relationships were formed in the midst of grief and loss, old friendships were renewed, and new friendships begun. I met people who...
The Dress of Christmas Yet to Come
by OH member Melinda Richardson
As a child, I watched the movie adaptation of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. It’s the story of an old miser, Ebenezer Scrooge, who is visited by three spirits Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Yet to Come. They take him on a journey through his past, present and future and show him how...
Weighing Your Banding Options
Jesse Jayne Rutherford
Until recently, having an adjustable gastric band implanted in the United States meant having a Lap-band. Today, however, there are two primary bands on the market, the Lap-band Advanced Platform (AP) system and the Realize Personalized Banding Solution...
Choosing a Bariatric Surgeon or Program
Nick Nicholson, MD, FACS
If current trends continue, this country will continue to see an almost exponential increase in the demand for weight loss surgery over the coming months to years. Unfortunately, most of the people seeking bariatric surgery will believe that they are...
The Lap-Band Golden Rules
Paul O?Brien, MD
In his book The LAP-BAND Solution?A Partnership for Weight Loss, Paul O?Brien, MD, a world leader in bariatric surgery and weight loss, shares what he calls the ?Golden Rules? for the LAP-BAND...
Speaking the Language of Love
by Kathleen Nickerson, PhD
Valentine?s Day is coming?the day our culture devotes to romantic love. Perhaps you have already given some thought to what gift you will give to your loved one this year. Maybe you?ve given some thought to your own romantic ideal. Will he whisper sweet words of love...
Don't Be Sad!
by Merle Cantor Goldberg, LCSW-C, BCD, CEDP
The last few months of the year can be a particularly challenging time psychologically. Summer is over, and suddenly you are feeling more tired, more depressed...
REALITY TV Changes Life of Biggest Loser
by Ronda Einbinder
It was February 2006 when Erik Chopin?s brother phoned to tell him about an open casting call in Manhattan for the highly rated series Biggest Loser, which was beginning its third season...
Hares for Health
by Niloo E. Sarabi
Chubby and Sluggish, a pair of health-conscious bunnies, have left the rabbit hole and headed out to their neighborhood public schools and day-care centers to meet and play with their human buddies and to educate them about fitness and proper nutrition.
Staying Centered
by Jeremy Gentles
Staying centered?balanced?will help you keep on the road to a lifetime of health. In this issue, the goals are progressive. Try this eight-week plan to get yourself moving. It?s your journey, train for it.
The Last Five Miles - OH Staff Member Rusty Martinez
by Ronda Einbinder
Rusty Martinez was not feeling well as he neared the last five miles of the Sacramento Cow Town Marathon. His heart was beating fast and his legs were slowing down from exhaustion. As the miles crawled by, he told himself that this was his goal and that there might never be another opportunity to run a marathon.
Facial Rejuvenation after Bariatric Surgery
by Jay Calvert, MD FACS
Do not forget your face! Your postbariatric face is an important part of your overall transformation,yet the face and neck are often neglected after massive weight loss, since the surgical focus is on the excess skin of the abdomen, arms and legs.
Beat the Blues before they Beat You!
by Lawrence W. Smith PhD
Before you listen to one more holiday song, please pick up the phone an make an appointment to see a trained professional for a depression screening. I'm not joking!
Plastic Surgery Spotlight
with Dr. J. Timothy Katzen
The most common procedure that I perform is the power lift or circumferential body lift. It is an incision that goes around the entire beltline, and I take out that middle doughnut of excess skin and fat.

Starting Over
by Christie Duran
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who?s the fairest of them all? I have been asking myself this question since I was a little girl.
Steve Cohen- Promoting Excellence for Himself and Others
by Barbara Bietz
Steve Cohen is a prime example of successful weight loss surgery (WLS). With the help of his surgeons, family and support group, he has lost over 170 pounds. He is delighted with the newfound life his weight loss has provided.
Remembering John Ott Jr.
by Niloo E Sarabi
On September 22, 2005, John William Ott, Jr., an inspiring and prolific ObesityHelp (OH) volunteer, passed away at the hospital due to complications of his obesity. John had undergone weight loss surgery two days before and was only 44 -years old. He will be truly missed by all.

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