Oct 24, 2006

15June 2005 Hello all ! I am 2yrs an 2 days postop I have not made my goal but am very happy with my life ,I have spent the last two weeks hiking with my 2 girls ,something I could NOT have done 2yrs ago when I weighed 330lbs. I don't hunt for the closest parking space when shopping anymore I park out in the north forty much to my kids dissmay .I no longer have diabetes,high BP, sleep apnea. I'm an equal partner to my hubby instead of depending on him to help with house chores I do them all without breaking a sweat .Yes its true our sex lives improve alot .Now my kids and hubby are telling me to slow down ,I can't do that gotta keep moving ! Well folks that all for now ,to preops keep fighting its so worth it ,postops keep giving out good advice when asked we are all in this together ! Kristy

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Aug 23 2004 Hello all I'm 15mos postop my weight has slowed to a stand still I'm hoping next week after my 4yr starts preschool that I'll be getting back on the program been busy this past summer with the kids trip we took in June to Texas for a wedding it was a blast especially with people who've known me my whole life didn't even recognized me it was great (ie my Aunt ,cousin,step-sister) my own step-mother said if she didn't know she wouldn't have recognized me either .I'm going back in October for my 20th high school reunion alot of them I haven't seen in 20yrs it should be fun .I started out at 330lbs currently holding around 188-190lbs I need to drop another 50lbs to get to my goal .The reason for my name change I'm doing alot of faux finishes with plaster hubby has pretty much given me free reign .So to all preops keep fighting its all so worth it posties keep giving out that wonderful advice ! Love to all Kristy (Queen of Plaster)

Hello all ! Its a beautiful day here in Colorado ,I'm also 1yr and 1 day postop I started out at 330lbs down to 190lbs thats -140lbs I feel so much better I can hike over 6 miles without getting tired bought a new bike I haven't ridden in years. Still have about 50lbs till I reach my goal of 140lbs my surgeon Dr.Elariny is the best ,he has given me back my life with this tool ,to all his patients in the D.C.,VA & MD area you are in the best of hands .God Bless you all ! Kristy

Hi all I'm now 11 mo postop I have lost 130lbs feel great have more energy than my hubby (poor guy) spring is here I'm looking forward to doing all the outdoor activities that I can got about 60lbs to my personal goal of 140lbs my Doc goal is 130lbs but I figure once I hit 140 then see about plastic surgery I will be at my surgoens goal .Well ya'll have a great day ! Kristy

Well ,I'm 7.5months postop so far I have lost 117lbs I feel great I have no regrets I would do this again in a heart beat .Especially to hear family and friends tell me how great I look ,just wish I had done it sooner .Good luck to all preops keep fighting and to other postops I love reading about all the trials and tribulations Kristy


Having fun !

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    This experience was a long an drawn out process my Surgeon's office had originally faxed my papers on 12 Feb,then they had to refax on 13th Mar. this last time on 04April they kept acting like they never got any of the papers ,now I'm in a bind my hubby is retiring we were hoping to already have had this done because we are leaving the area we had hoped to leave next month because hubby will be available for employment as early as next week our household goods have already been picked up,homes in our area are selling within the week they are put on the market if we put it on the market we would be without a place to live and my husband can't leave me to find gainful employment till after I have surgery I really feel that Tricare could have done much more than they had they gone ahead and aproved my request back in Feb .then I would not be in this bind


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